If you want to become successful this year, it is crucial that you load both barrels, one with service and the other with purpose. This will equip you with sufficient passion and purpose to be driven, to really want to support your customers and to offer them incredible levels of service. The more committed you are to providing stellar service and the better prepared you are for each sales call, i.e. you have a crystal clear purpose or reason why you are calling on any prospect or customer. The easier it will be for you to connect with the right people and build mutually beneficial relationships with them, as they will feel your commitment, see your professionalism, appreciate your preparation, know that you have their best interests at heart and appreciate the fact that you will not waste any of their valuable time.

When you are committed to service, always looking for ways to best serve your prospects and customers, they will feel your commitment and will positively respond and warm towards you. The positive way your prospects and clients will respond towards you, will allow your confidence to grow and turn you into a master of your trade. As the relationships with your clients and prospects develop, people’s belief in you and your integrity will grow and everyone will realise that you have their best interests at heart and they will begin to really trust you. At this stage in the relationship, you will be able to sell your products and services at the right price. The right price is a mutually beneficial price, which you would be willing to pay for that product or service yourself. You can never demand a price; you would not be willing to pay yourself. Your customer will see right through you and realise that you are overcharging them.

Discounts are Unnecessary
Discounts are only necessary, when you need to compensate your client, because they do not feel that they are receiving sufficient value from you or your product or service. Show your customers or prospects the complete value proposition you offer, which includes the level of service and purpose you bring to the table and they will pay any reasonable price for your products or services. Discounts will be unnecessary.

Selling is the Art of Giving
I am sure that it sounds counter-intuitive to think that selling, where you would traditional try to get someone to buy something from you, actually starts with giving first. Is the buyer not meant to give you their money and then you give them your product or service in exchange?

True sales professionals know that selling is all about giving not getting and serving, never selling. When you make this crucial shift to the way that you approach any sale, people will see your positive intent and they will feel far more confident to purchase your goods or services. The true essence of selling is never about just making a sale; it is about having a sincere purpose and desire to help other people or businesses.

Giving is Senior to Getting
I have seen the concept of giving first, validated in every facet of my life. If I want more love in my relationship with my spouse, I give more love first, if I want more financial wealth, I must be willing to support and give to others first, if I want to grow in my vocation, I be willing to support and help others to grow in their careers too. I have seen that the more I am willing to authentically give, the more I receive in return. Giving most certainly starts the receiving process.

Serving is Senior to Selling
When you are in front of a customer or prospect, give all you have, not just an inauthentic part of you. When you are authentically you and you give them all of your attention, all your energy and passion, you show your complete belief in your product or service and you are willing to give them all the information or suggestions you have, they will feel your commitment, see your willingness to exceed their expectations and they will want to buy what you have to sell.

Anticipate your Customers Needs
Do not leave your customer needing to ask you for anything, you should be so well prepared, with such a clear understanding of your clients’ needs, that you will offer it to them before they need to ask you for it. When you are able to predict customers’ needs and you can offer them the best solution to satisfy them, they will want to buy your product or service. Give the customer as much information as they need to easily understand your value proposition and to make the decision making process as simple as possible for them. As you learn the art of predicting your customers’ expectations and surpassing them in every way, the sale is done, every time.

Purpose and Service
When you work with every customer and you focus on building mutually beneficial relationships with them, by authentically giving them as much service and support as possible. Where you have a purpose to only serve their best interests, knowing that the sale is second and customer and their needs is always first, you will turn every carefully chosen prospect and customer into loyal fans, who will buy from you with confidence.

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