In recent years, the healthcare industry has transformed I into a disruptive pattern. Technological advancements achieved in this field have helped millions of healthcare experts work seamlessly to save countless lives. 

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In our endeavor to find the Most Eminent Women Leaders in Healthcare, we came across Alyeah E. Ramjit, who has been leading in the healthcare industry with her expertise and brings structure to the chaos.

Ms. Ramjit works as the Associate Director and Chief of Staff to the Chief Transformation Officer at Mount Sinai Health System and President of Mount Sinai Morningside. 

Precious Advice for Up-and-Coming Leaders

The path to healthcare leadership and healthcare administration is no longer what it was just five years ago. Healthcare Systems are the new normal, consistently providing a traditional approach to patient care while ventured backed healthcare continually assesses how to improve care delivery in a non-traditional setting.

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