How do I know if I am psychic?

All of us have some psychic ability – it is imbedded in our genetic structures – a built in protection mechanism. In the early stages of our development as a species, we relied on our instincts, our intuitive connection with nature, not only to alert us to danger, but also to help us find food and water. Through the centuries, as we gained knowledge, we began to depend on our rational minds, and our mysterious “intuition” became a source of fear. But it was always with us, if well-hidden.

Psychics are simply tapping into their in-born abilities. But, just as some of you are especially talented musicians, athletes, artists, surgeons, entrepreneurs, ministers, builders, or designers, for some it is especially easy to tune into other realms to gain access to information about the past, the present and the future.

The question then is not IF you are psychic, but rather if you have some special ability as a psychic. To answer that question, you need to understand how you can express yourself psychically. There are many different ways that we manifest psychic ability.

For convenience, I have identified four groups that each can be called psychic. The first and largest group commonly known as psychics can be clairvoyant – seeing, clairaudient – hearing, clairsentient – feeling, and intuitive… Psychics can connect to other realms and time periods through any of their physical senses. Or through simple intuition, a just knowing. The group known as mediums is defined somewhat more narrowly as people who can connect with spirit in other realms, and this often includes an ability to see past lives. To make things even more confusing, mediums are often also psychic, and psychics are often also mediums… And then there is the third group of people… the “feelers’ – empaths… these are individuals who feel the energy around them, can tell how you are feeling. Empaths are typically clairsentient, and often also have some real healing ability – they not only feel energy, but they also instinctively know how to move it. Empaths may also be healing arts practitioners which is the fourth general group or modality for manifesting psychic ability… Those with a strength in healing are able to read and move energy and also often report that they get messages for their clients while they are working on them. Healing arts practitioners can see into the body and use their intuition to feel where a client’s energy is blocked, and often also what caused the blockage.

With a general understanding of the different ways that psychic ability expresses itself in a person, it then becomes much easier to see where you fit in the world of psychics. Here are a few clues to help you know if you have some special ability:

  • dreams that come true, knowing who is calling or at the door, frequent instances of deja vu, “flashing” on – seeing in your mind – a future event – and then it comes true – all are indications of psychic ability
  • Out of Body or Near-Death Experiences – spirit’s way of giving you a shake so you will begin to pay attention to your abilities
    having strong feelings about people you meet – can indicate that you are an empath, and can also indicate a past life connection between you
  • thinking of someone – and then they call, or you see them unexpectedly – can be a first indication of telepathic ability
  • while driving you find yourself slowing down, only to discover there is a police car tucked into the underpass you are approaching, or there is an obstacle or accident on the road ahead – an indication os some ability for remote viewing – your body automatically responding to something the mind has seen
  • someone who has passed appears in a dream, or you keep smelling their perfume or the brand of tobacco they used to smoke – this is usually an indication that you have some ability as a medium
  • you have a feeling that something good or bad is about to happen – and then it does… means that yes, you are psychic.

Whether or not you have some special ability, it is always worth developing your psychic self. Learning to tune in to yourself and what is going on around you can make your life flow in the directions you want. Tuning in can make you smarter, happier and even more prosperous.

Being psychic is in all of us. Living psychic requires a little practice and a big change in personal beliefs. It all starts by accepting that being psychic is as natural as breathing and living psychic is worthwhile.

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