There’s something about having abilities beyond the normal realm that intrigues many people. Could it be the ability to sense things out of the normal sensory range that would make one feel special? Or is it the ability of “knowing” something that other people don’t? Whatever reason people have for being curious about psychic powers, there’s no doubt humankind has been fascinated with this otherworldly skill since ancient times.

Am I psychic? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, then maybe you are. It has long been believed that every single human being is born with psychic abilities. However, fear, anxiety, formal education, and a person’s environment growing up diminish these powers and they stay dormant and never awakened.

For some, it is nurtured and developed, and they grow up to be full-blown psychics who have crystal clear capacities to tap into their inner voices.

So are you one? Are you a psychic? If you’re unsure but think that you might be, let’s take a look at the following signs that you may indeed be psychic.

1. You Connect to People and Animals On a Deep Level

People who are more likely to establish deep connections with people and animals may have psychic abilities. They can usually gauge other individuals’ personalities and auras without even speaking to them or knowing much about them.

2. You Have Vivid Dreams That You Remember

Sometimes, psychics receive information through their dreams better than in their waking states. Those who have vivid dreams that seem real and can remember the details when they awake are said to have intrinsic psychic abilities.

3. You Often Have Accurate Gut Feelings

Do you often rely on your gut feeling or intuition? And when you do, are they almost always accurate? If you meet someone for the first time and know right away you won’t get along; or when you accept a job and the first time you step into the office you immediately know you won’t be happy there but you can’t exactly pinpoint the reason why? If yes, then you may have a strong intuition, which is one of the major traits of psychics.

If you experience these 3 signs on a regular basis, then these are strong indications that you may have psychic abilities. However, just because you may have these signs, it doesn’t mean you’re a psychic right away.

To harness your psychic abilities, it will take a lot of time and dedication to develop your skills.

To nurture the inner psychic in you, here are 3 ways to harness your abilities

1. Practice Meditation

The first and best way to develop your psychic skills is to calm and quiet your mind. Meditation allows you to dig deep into your higher consciousness, allowing your mind to expand its capacity.

2. Become More Aware of Your Surroundings

Sense all the tiniest details of everything around you - things, people, animals, places. The more aware you are of everything that surrounds you, the better ability you will have to sense the tiniest of changes.

3.Document Your Dreams

Every morning, as soon as you wake up, write down all the details of your dreams that you can remember. Try to analyze your dreams and relate to your present and future. Note the instances when your dreams somehow foretold future events.

Psychic abilities go way beyond logical explanation. While science has never really proven it to exist, it’s no question that there are some things in this world that just don’t fall into the logical realm.

If you think you may have these special abilities, then taking your time to develop them just might help you harness the inner psychic in you. There are so many different psychic powers out there and here is a “list of psychic abilities” you might possess.

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Judy Nyssa is a born Psychic Clairvoyant. She sees, hears, senses smells and tastes energy world ever since she was a little girl, this is not something that turns off and on for her. To read more about here or read her articles about spirituality you can visit her blog at