Am I Too Old For Penis Enlargement: Am I Too Old To Increase the Size of My Penis

No. That's a very direct and definitive no way! The reasons why you are actually never too-old for penis enlargement are multiple but we will attempt to decipher the very best for you right here and right now. If you happen to be 30 or maybe even a ripe old-aged man of 75 then it is always a great time to increase that special part of your anatomy that all-women adore. Hey, that is yet another reason for PE (penis enlargement) women!

All Men Desire Enormity-Mostly

While we cannot say for certain and with 100% earnest realities that all men desire to increase their penis-sizes for the sake of all women we can say that for the most part men want to get bigger and thicker, for the ladies benefit. After all a wider and longer penis physically touches and dives deeper into the female vaginal area and that is what we all want to do, go longer and go deeper. Hitting the long-ball out of the park!

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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It is said that as we men age either one of two things happen. One is that we fade away into the pastures of retirement, which is fine especially if we were the type of men that have seen it all and done even more. The second aspect and choice that the other dudes make is that of trying to regain that lost youth. Either way a run into the penis enlargement world is a benefit for both sides of that fence.

Thinking Too Much

Let's get back on point here and that is all you too old for penis enlargement? The answer that is if you think that you have to even question your ability to increase the size and her with a European ass then maybe the answer to that could be yes. We had a hard time saying that to you but penis enlargement is just as much a mindset and a will to increase that it is a physical exercise would stretch in and manipulation of the tissues of your penis.

Random Sampling

If you were to randomly sample 1000 men in any major city in the United States you would find that out of those thousand men that a majority of them would desire a larger and thicker penis regardless of their age. The ability to add inches or even a single inch onto your penis before you hit the grave and they nail the coffin shut is what most men see fit to entertain any time and any age.

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A lot of men in today's day and age are interested in learning jelqing penis enlargement exercises, so that they can enlarge their manhood in terms of both length and girth. Unfortunately, there are only a few men out there who actually know the exact steps on how to do jelqing penis enlargement exercises correctly. If you aren't exactly sure how to go about these exercises yourself, here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow for the best results possible.

Step One: Warm Up Your Penis.

Ideally, jelqing penis enlargement exercises should be done for half an hour per session. However, before they are done, they should begin with a simple warm up, either in the form of a warm bath or of a warm washcloth. Most men choose to use a warm washcloth that they simply apply to their manhood to send more blood into it. After warming up the penis, the exercises can then be done right away.

Step Two: Apply Lubrication Onto Your Penis.

Before doing jelqing penis enlargement exercises, make sure you put some lubrication on your penis, too. It would be best to use water-based lubricants instead of oil-based lubricants when it comes to this, though, because the latter can clog up the pores and bring about infection. Water-based ones, on the other hand, will help you jelq effectively and smoothly without any discomfort or friction burns. While they may dry out with time, they can also be easily reapplied.

Step Three: Do the Exercises.

When doing jelqing penis enlargement exercises, it would be important for your grip to create an OK sign and for you to completely encircle the base of your penis with it. Whether you do this with your palm up and away from your body or with your palm down and toward the body isn't really an issue. Just make sure that your grip restricts the flow of the blood as needed.

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Once your hand reaches the glans within 3 seconds, do the same thing with your other hand and apply the same motion from the base of your penis for the next 3 seconds. On average, you should do 100 to 200 of these movements per session. If you ever feel any pain while doing these exercises or if you end up getting a total erection from doing them, though, stop doing the exercises right away.

If you are new to jelqing, then try jelqing for 5 minutes per session first and then just keep increasing the length of your sessions by the week. After doing these exercises correctly for a few months, you should be able to notice your penis size increase in both length and girth.

Step Four: Practice Your Grip.

Believe it or not, your grip while doing these exercises play a big part in their overall success. It would be important to match the diameter and strength of your grip to the strength of your erection, for example, and to keep the same pressure going throughout the entire exercise. It would also be important to keep your grip consistent and not to rotate or increase it with each stroke. This will ensure that you grow your penis proportionately.

It would also be important to remember that you look great, no matter what, and that your potential sexual partners should care more about the kind of man that you are as opposed to how big your penis is. Truth be told, most men have an average penis size, though. In fact, a lot of the time, penis enlargement isn't even necessary, so jelqing penis enlargement exercises aren't necessary, either. However, they can definitely boost your confidence and make you feel better in the long run.

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When preparing for penis enlargement exercises, one of the things you have to pay close attention to would the warm up of your penis. Warming up the penis happens to be very important when preparing for penis enlargement exercises and stretches in order to avoid unwanted injuries. Plus, if you do things right, you will get to reap even more benefits than usual once you get to the actual exercises afterwards.

When preparing for penis enlargement exercises, look at it as the same thing as the stretches that you do before working out at the gym. They will also enhance your gains in the same way and help you prevent injuries at the same time.

Preparing for penis enlargement exercises basically entails applying some heat onto your penis through your method of choice. You can either use a heating pad, an infrared lamp, a rice sock or a washcloth for this. Here are some of the different methods for preparing for penis enlargement exercises in more detail:

The Heating Pad Method

The heating pad is one of the most popular penile warm up methods to date since they are cost-effective and easy to find. To use one, just refer to the instructions found with the product itself.

The Infrared Lamp Method

The infrared lamp is most popular in the world of medicine and is used to get inside the skin to heat up the necessary tissues in the penis to warm it up. It may not be advisable to use this method at home, though, since you will need to make it a point to keep your testicles away from too much heat; otherwise, you could burn them without meaning to.

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The Rice Sock Method

The rice sock is cost-effective, too. Plus, it is easy to make one. Just look for a sock, buy some rice and make sure you have a microwave handy. Then, fill up your sock with enough rice that will ensure that your penis will still fit into the sock later on. Then, tie the sock shut and place it into your microwave to heat it up.

Most of the time, this will take up to an hour to get the temperature needed to warm up the penis, but this will depend on your microwave, as well. If you have an especially powerful microwave, you can expect the sock to heat up much faster than if you have a less powerful microwave. Your microwave's speed of heating up the sock may depend on the amount of rice that you fill the sock up with, too.

Of course, it would be important to feel the sock before placing your penis in it, as well. If it feels too hot, make sure you let it cool down first to avoid unnecessary burns. On the other hand, if it feels too cool, heat it up in the microwave a little bit longer until you get the desired heat for the warm up.

The Washcloth Method

The washcloth method is by far the easiest method to use when preparing for penis enlargement exercises. Although it might not be the most convenient method since washcloths cannot exactly retain heat for long periods of time, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. You just need to have some patience and dedication when it comes down to it.

Naturally, there are other warm up methods that you can try out, as well, such as warm baths, warm showers and saunas - all of which can help you gain more benefits from your penis enlargement exercises in the end. All you have to do is choose the method that would work best for you.

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Would you like to feel and look bigger in the manhood department? Now you can do so - and without having to go through pains of having a surgery done on your sensitive male organ! Today, more and more men are simply relying on easy-to-do stretching exercises to make their penis grow bigger naturally. In fact, you too can start doing so from today onwards!

Gone are the days where you have to spend huge amounts of money either on getting your penis surgically enhanced, or in buying special tools or medication to help make your manhood increase in size. The trend amongst men who want to improve the aesthetics of their manhood is turning to using exercises to stimulate growth within the male organ.

And although it may seem like a newfound technique, it really is an ancient art.

Back in the olden days, Arab men were already using the very same method to keep themselves up to size down there. In today's modern medical world, researchers have already put to the test this ancient male enhancement technique and found substantial evidence to show it CAN indeed bring the kind of results any men would desire.

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And if you think about how the exercises actually work to cause your penis to grow in size, you will realize it does make perfect sense why it works!

You see, deep inside your male organ lie 2 main tissue-like chambers called the Corpora Cavernosa. The function of these chambers is to hold as much blood as it can during sexual arousal to cause your penis to expand in size, i.e erect. In other words, the maximum size of your manhood is actually dependent on how much blood the Corpora Cavernosa chambers can hold.

What exercising your penis does is to gradually increase the size as well as capacity of these 2 blood chambers. Slowly, the amount of blood they can hold also increase, allowing your penis to experience a larger-sized erection over time!

Logical, isn't it?

And what makes it more ideal is that the exercises are really simple to do!

For example, one such routine only requires you to just pull your flaccid penis body outwards in various directions and maintain the stretch for 15 seconds every time. Ridiculously easy, right?

Even the other exercising techniques (which are necessary to complement the above example into giving you the best results) are just as easy to do too. In fact, you should only take about 20-30 minutes each morning in order to do all the exercises... and in most cases, only 6 weeks to see a significant difference in the size of your prized asset.

And all that without even breaking a sweat thinking about going under the knife!

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