The Internet craze has caused a massive opportunity for anyone to sell anything to anyone anywhere in the world once they acquire the tools necessary to work through maze of rhetoric and misinformation surrounding internet commerce. We are in a Mega Information Era and the speed at which information is transferred is unparalleled with any other medium. With a click of a mouse button you can turn an idea into a website, a website into a sales funnel, and a sales funnel into a direct payment into your pay pal account. Yes I know this is an oversimplification but buying online is here to stay and if you empower yourself with the necessary utensils you can accomplish anything online that the mind can create.
The Mega Information Era however is quickly becoming the “management of information within the information era”. Whatever you type into your Google Search will produce hundreds, sometimes thousands of search results and it’s very confusing to know where to turn for answers. Disseminating and determining a path no matter what action you are taking is much more difficult than actually acquiring the information in the first place. This is a completely different model prior to the internet era. We are barraged constantly with hype, propaganda, mistruths and a host of other falsities, so we must be able to find credible, provable networks of people and organizations to trust.
To be able to move past the mainstream and the next get rich quick blast e-mail you must be able position yourself online as a credible, trustworthy source and there are ways to accomplish this. To set yourself and your image apart from the next online renegade you must “Brand” yourself and your image. Branding is simply creating and mass distribution of your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that makes people want to connect with your story as opposed to the competitions. What does this mean? In short, since the beginning of old school door to door selling people attract and buy from people not businesses. The business and the products are what the person was going to eventually buy anyway. The person and their USP is what made them purchase from them personally. It is human nature that people to attract to something about another person before trust and an eventual transaction can transpire.
Once we have an understanding of this we can now structure all of our marketing campaigns to sell our product from a position of strength, credibility and a mission statement as opposed to convincing, selling or telling. There has always been a stigma around the word selling. No one wants to be sold by the used car salesman right? BUT, everyone loves to buy “on their terms”. Well, now we have a game plan that is built for winning and getting the golden goose. If we lead with our own unique selling proposition and devise our marketing and advertising campaigns with “our story” in mind our target market will resonate with us and we will in turn attract the type of people we want to sell our products. Whether online, offline, direct selling or some other venue, amateurs “sell” and professionals “sort”. This simply means that you should never have to convince or persuade anyone for your products, if the USP and your campaigns are built around you, you will automatically attract the right audience for your products. You are sorting when you are “eliminating the tire kickers” from the road of life.
With the turn key systems and “McDonald like” home based business models that exist you should not have to sell anyone and the sorting will be done for you prior to any conversations and your conversions to sales will increase dramatically when you attract the right people. This can all be accomplished with the sophistication of the technical and social media outlets on the internet to quickly devise your USP. In the internet era and the managing of that information it is absolutely imperative we are surrounded by systems and processes that are built for showcasing our USP. If we are to position our niche’ online we must be a master communicator through the written word. There are many avenues for training and skill sets needed to launch your own USP for life to sell anything to anyone anywhere in the world. If you are a professional online marketer as opposed to an amateur you will know that in order to sell you must sort first. This will give you the edge to compete in this online frenzy of mass wealth creation. If you don’t believe me, just type in Make money online in Google and see the mass hysteria of information flow. What is your USP?

Copyright, 2009
Scott A Lifer

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Scott Lifer- Author, Online Entrepreneur and Success skills coach.
Professional Speaker and Mentor for Mega Information Era.