CBD is the short form of cannabidiol which is found mainly in the cannabis. Cannabis is often wrongly associated with marijuana. You must understand one thing using CBD oil will not get your pet high. There are about 115 cannabinoids found in the marijuana plants and CBD is just one of them which has proven health benefits and improves mental state.

CBD does not contain the potent THC compound and hence it is safe to use for dogs too. It is not psychoactive and can be used for a longer period of time.
CBD oil for pets has got no toxicity level and overdose can never happen. Moreover, CBD is derived from hemp. It is a type of cannabis which has negligible amount of THC in their natural state. As the oil is extracted, all the THC is removed aesthetically. 

How Does CBD work on body?

CBD interacts with all mammalian body through the endocannabinoid system. This biological network is only found in mammals and is responsible for managing a lot of biological functions which includes memory, sleep, immunity, serotonin levels and even mood. 

CBD oil has got receptors which is CB1 and CB2 which interacts with the brain to make it more active and acts as a catalyst to raise the serotonin levels. Since it is effective for only mammals it can be helpful for your dog even. Also, there are similar health conditions like anxiety, convulsions, pains and arthritis which can be reduced by the help of CBD oil. 

CBD as a powerful painkiller

Recent medical studies have revealed that CBD can be a potent painkiller and calm down the nerve synapses which in turn reduce pain. Today, even medical professionals are using CBD oil for pain management. CBD can successfully accelerate the formation of anandamide, a chemical which responsible for lessens painful experiences. 

Since ages CBD has been an anti-inflammatory and is still being used by old people to athletes to reduce pain and even arthritis

CBD as a Natural Anticonvulsant

This is perhaps one of the best practiced medicinal uses. CBD has evolved as a potential substance that cures seizures, tremors, anxiety attacks and panic attacks. It is also helpful for people who suffer from spams from time to time. Now, even doctors have started prescribing it for epilepsy attacks.

Additionally, a combination of CBD and controlled THC can be amazing for multiple sclerosis. Since CBD is a nerve relaxer, even though scientifically the mechanism of bodily interactions is still to be established but it is a potential substance which controls the uncontrolled nerve synapses and reduce the symptoms of seizures. 

CBD as an anti-inflammatory

CBD oil is one of the most used oil for anti-inflammatory purpose. It can interact with the immune cells to accelerate the process of immune system. Since it directly interacts with the CB2 receptors present within the cells it easily binds itself and alters the course of pain. 

CBD as a stress buster

Since it is a nerve relaxer, it can be used to calm your pet down. If you pet barks too much or sweat unnecessarily you can use CBD oil for proven results. 

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