Having diabetes is not the end of the course. Do not let it take over your life rather, take control over this illness and live a healthier lifestyle. Diabetes
means eating healthier with the right food, drinking more water, and doing more physical activities. These things can enhance your overall life and take the burden from having this chronic illness.

Nutrition and Diabetes

One thing that really led to people having diabetes is their unbalanced diet. That’s why it is not good to go back on that lifestyle. Here are some nutritious add-ons to your meals:

• Beans. Any kind would do if you plan to take this on your grocery. Beans are rich in fiber, where it can give you 1/3 of the daily requirement in just ½ cup. These are also efficient sources of potassium and magnesium as well. These are considered starchy but it provides high protein when compared to an ounce of meat. Plus, eating beans is like eat meat nutrition without the excess fat.
• Whole Grains. The bran and germ in these kinds of carbohydrates offer the best nutrients for energy that can last long. Moreover, these foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and folate. Oatmeal and barley are rich sources of potassium and fiber.
• Nuts. Aside from healthy oils like omega-3, nuts also provide magnesium and fiber. It help you keep full for a very long time.
• Yogurt and Fat-Free Dairy. Milk is still an important resource in the diet. Vitamin D and calcium are two nutrients mainly provided by these nutritious foods.

Keep these foods in mind whenever you’re inside the grocery. Some can be tough on your budget; hence, you can try picking it up on seasons. Look for the lower cost options in vegetables and fruits in season.

Simple Tips to Quick Diabetic Recipes

It wouldn’t take much of your time in preparing easy diabetic recipes. Aside from being nutritious, these meals can help you narrow down some of the unhealthy eating habits. Always try to avoid fats and eat the organic stuff. Nonetheless, be careful with some fruits since some contain high amounts of sugar. Controlling your portions could help on this. For instance, if you want to eat grapes, control portions by eating ten pieces for a day. Half the slice of mango could be another option. Just don’t overeat even if these are healthy foods. Try to keep everything at minimum.

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