Your kitchen doesn’t have to be boring; you can spice it! You need to start thinking of creative ways of using your kitchen space to make it more attractive.

Focus on cabinetry

Since kitchen cabinets are the face of any kitchen, you should put more effort to redefine your cabinetry space. You have to think as far as installing farmhouse kitchen cabinets in your home. We’ll share some amazing ideas that you can use in your kitchen.

Shaker cabinetry

Many homeowners think that shaker-style cabinets are a recent invention. This idea was started in the 18th century and has seen its approval in modern homes recently. If you are a lover of farmhouse kitchen cabinets then you should know that it stems its idea from shaker-style.

Shaker-style cabinets are defined by their clean lines and minimalistic designs. It is a practical design that you can use in modern houses. It will help you see the hidden space in your kitchen because of its minimalistic concept.


Contemporary kitchen designs are amazing. Their cabinets are sleek and have an immaculate look that is accentuated by their shiny look. One of the most important markers of a contemporary cabinetry set is the absence of ornamentation.

You won’t see any shiny hardware in a contemporary kitchen cabinet as visible in farmhouse kitchen cabinets. The idea behind this design is to keep the cabinetry simple in form. Various materials can be used to manufacture contemporary kitchen cabinets.

Glass front

It is rare to find a kitchen with glass front cabinets. However, this design is great if you have items to showcase in your cabinetry. If you have some good china or decorative dishware, you should use glass front cabinets to display them.

Glass front cabinets can be combined with solid cabinets depending on the effect that you want to achieve. Being a relatively aesthetic design than functional, you should check some ideas online before you get started.

Slab or flat panel

Another great and bold idea is to have slab or flat panel cabinetry in your kitchen. Firstly, it is a minimalistic design that looks great. You will find this idea easy to clean because of how streamlined it is.

Often, homeowners implementing this idea are inspired by the desire to keep their kitchens neat. Therefore, you should be prepared to wipe your cabinets regularly to maintain this design.

Which way to go?

Personal preference should be your utmost guide to the kind of cabinetry design you will install. If your kitchen is large enough, installing farmhouse kitchen cabinets can be the best idea. However, you have to assess if this design will fit your kitchen.

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