A unity ceremony symbolizes the union of two individual’s hearts and lives in a Christian community. In
Christian Matrimony, It is the most significant and beautiful part of the wedding because it is a visual symbol of two individuals lives come together as one. From lighting a candle to creating a cocktail, couples are finding sweet and syrupy ways to make the unity ceremony their own. We’ve some truly creative unity ceremony ideas over the years, so here are some favorites to help you pick the one that speaks to you!

* Light a Candle:
It is the most traditional unity ceremony, so it is good for those couples who want some classic touch at the wedding. At the beginning of the ceremony, three candles are placed on the table. From three candles, two candles are small candles and placed both sides for blowing the unity candles and two members from one of each family light up the candle and one candle is placed in the middle. This is a unity candle. After completing the vows, bride and groom light up the unity candle with the help of side candles.

* Plant Tree:
Plant a Tree is great idea when the wedding venue is outdoor and it is good tribute to God as well as environment to plant a tree at the wedding day as a symbolism. In case if you are a desire to plant a tree at the wedding venue, you can replant at the home back yard. It is a truly touching unity ceremony and it is a good reminder of your commitment to each other.

* Pot a Plant or two:
It is similar to plant a tree. It is a good option for those couples who prefer a small plant. Just take the small pot and plant one or two small plants in a pot and keep the plant inside the home.

* Seal an Anniversary box:
It is a super sweet wedding unity ceremony idea. Just have a custom made a wooden box with your name and wedding date, a bottle of wine and Love notes. If you are already planning to open the sealed box after a long time, then ask the expert to choose a wine bottle. After the vows, Place the wine bottle in a wooden box along with the love notes and seal the box with the help of nail and hammers or locked. After a long time, you can open the wooden box and serve the wine and read the love notes. It is a great reminder for a couple to refresh the memories.

* Pour sand:
This is another fantastic idea to remind the wedding commitment. It is similar to the candle ceremony. Take the tree Glass container, two of them filled with sand with a different color or same color as per the choice. After the ceremony, pour the sand in the large container. It is great option for couples and reminds them they are made for each other.

* Create a cocktail:
This may be currently favorite idea for the unity ceremony. If you are beer lovers, then take the two different colors and taste beer bottles and pour in the glass and enjoy them. Take the expert help while selecting the wine or beers.

* Fasten hands:
This tradition comes from Ireland and Scotland but now become popular in a couple with the modern twist for a unity ceremony. The couple joins the hands and wraps with the cord around them into the loose knot. The hands are joined until the ceremony is not completed. With the modern time, couples prefer to use latest design cords, ribbons and flower garlands.

* Tie a unity knot:
It is the most traditional way of a unity ceremony. In this ceremony, three ropes are tie together. The three cord represent to man, women, and God and these cords are symbolizing the equal strength of couple and God. After that, the cord is hanging in the house so that it reminds a couple of commitment and strength.

* Release the Sky lantern:
Release the sky lantern is the Chinese traditions of the wedding, but with the modernization, at the end of the reception, they release the sky lantern. This is a great idea to involve the guest in the unity ceremony. Just ask the guest to write the message or wishes at sky lantern release them after the ceremony.

Final words: Now you have multiple options for unity ceremony for a Christian wedding which are based at traditions and with the modern twist. If you have any other personalized unity wedding ceremony ideas feel free to share that idea. Looking for Christian life partner, Register at www.christiansmatrimonial.com

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