Who doesn't live their life with the hidden sense that we are destined for more? That underneath our ordinary exterior lays an extraordinary being that can live a phenomenal life? We have all felt that simply because deep down we know it's true. Our inner voice has been telling us that for a very long time; we just haven't learned how to fully open up to it.

There is a way to speed up achieving your deepest dreams while empowering yourself on multiple levels at the same time. And that way is by tapping your inner power through the portals, so to speak, of the deepest levels of your mind. There are various tools and techniques that you can use to expand your experiences of the powers of the mind. Remote influencing, an outgrowth of remote viewing, is one powerful approach for helping you do just that.

Remote viewing is a technique for gaining information not available to the ordinary physical senses. It allows a person to use his or her intuitive abilities to perceive objects, places, people etc., which are hidden or separated from the viewer in space by distance. It enables you to access the deeper levels of your mind such as alpha and theta.

While remote viewing has become more well known to the public since the 1970's, it actually has been around for a very long time. It's really an ancient mind technology as you'll soon learn.

Native American sages and indigenous people have been using remote viewing for hundreds of years. While they didn't label it as "remote viewing", the ancient wise elders, such as Sitting Bull, and scouts, such as Geronimo, used mind technologies to spy on enemy camps, to find medicine plants, discover miraculous cures and for hunting strategies. Of course, they approached remote viewing in a different way than how it's commonly used today. To the elders, it was a sacred process that was used along with fasting, prayers and vision quests.

Most people who are familiar with remote viewing know about it as an intelligence gathering tool that was used during the Cold War. The term "remote viewing" was first coined by researchers at the Stanford Research Institute in 1972. It was developed into a military program, at the behest of the CIA, to compete with Soviet research into psychic phenomena and mind technologies.

Well, the history of remote viewing may be pretty interesting, but what's more important is how remote viewing can help you in your everyday life. It's a powerful tool for helping develop intuition, gaining self-confidence, inner peace and releasing old beliefs that keep you from achieving your deepest dreams.

Why I Opened Up To This Ancient Mind Secret

I wasn't always interested in this mind-technology. Actually, I must admit, I didn't have an open mind to look into remote mind technology when I first heard about it.

But then one day my interest turned from cold to hot when I attended a seminar about Native American spiritual practices. The elder who led the training told us that it would be useful to explore remote viewing as a way to expand our understanding and experiences of the powers of the mind. He explained that Apache scouts and wise elders used forms of remote viewing to achieve some extraordinary feats such as mind-traveling across time and communicating with plants and beings from other realms.

Well, that was enough to change my mind. I began exploring this mind-technology and very interesting things started to happen. Besides entering extremely relaxed mental states (alpha and even delta), my anxiety and worries melted away. I began feeling much more confident. Everyday I got more insights that helped me improve my decision-making and achieve my deepest goals.

Everyone can benefit from tapping into their inner power. Personally, I believe that goals that are fueled with mind, body and spirit are much more powerful and beneficial than goals that are fueled with only emotional and physical energy. What good would it be if you achieved your goals but were so stressed out in the process that you became ill achieving them? Or what if it took you a very long time to finally achieve your goals and then you discovered that the achievement felt empty?

To reap the benefits of the powers of your mind, you need to regularly invest in yourself. As you continue to expand your knowledge of the mind and honor this gift, you'll experience amazing changes happen in your life.

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