Why Visit The Beaches Of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the land fondly known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. This is because there are many amazing treasures hidden in this little land and these wonders have been able to successfully capture the hearts and minds of all those who have set foot in the land for centuries. Out of the many interesting places to see in Sri Lanka, the beaches of the island serve as the most stunning welcome points to all those who arrive in the island. Therefore if you are looking to enjoy a holiday like no other, you most certainly need to visit some of the most amazing beaches. In this way you can make sure you holiday is packed with fun and relaxation, all of which are essential to make up a wonderful holiday. So take a look at some of the top beaches you can visit with the help of a skilled driver tour guide.

Interesting Places To See In Sri Lanka

  • Bentota

Bentota is one of the top beaches of Sri Lanka that is even famous around the world. It is a top honeymoon destination, ideally location for a vacation with friends and family and also a great stop to relax and feel a rejuvenating experience if you are on a solo holiday. As such, it is quite clear that it is one of the top places to visit in Sri Lanka. Aside from the pristine quality beach you can overlook there are quite a number of historical landmarks in the vicinity you can visit with the help of a driver tour guide.

  • Tangalle

Located deep in the southern province is the other beautiful beach Tangalle. Things are a bit more calming and relaxed here because it is not too crowded by large crowds of visitors like other beaches of the western or southern coast. Owing to its location the beach which forms one of the largest bays in the island is also a very popular fishing port.

  • Nilaveli

Nilaveli is by far one of the most beautiful beaches you would behold in the entire world. Located about 16km away from the main city Trincomalee, this is a major tourist attraction that cannot be missed. The site boasts of a broad stretch of beach where you can spend hours just looking at the stunning view of the golden sandy beaches being warmly greeted by the gentle waves washing upon the shores.

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