Watermelon is a great tasting fruit that is perfect during a warm weather. Anyone will feel completely refreshed after munching on a sweet and juicy slice of watermelon. This succulent fruit is perfect when eaten or prepared as a drink. You can process it by using a blender and mix it up with sugar and milk. Kids will definitely love the taste of this tasty fruit juice or slushy drink.

For parties, you will love having this fruit mixed with liquor. You can make a nice and refreshing glass of watermelon margarita. All you need is a good brand of tequila and mixer for the drink. Combine the fruit with limejuice or orange liquor for an extra delightful taste. Served with crushed ice, this cocktail drink makes a truly satisfying one. You can never go wrong with a watermelon margarita. Rest assured that your guests would want to have seconds of this fabulous drink.

If you need some great ideas on how to make watermelon margarita, check out this simple recipe. You only need to gather some common ingredients to create an amazing concoction. The smooth texture and sweet taste of the drink will definitely appeal to your taste buds.

Lime with Watermelon
Make a fabulous drink by mixing up lime and watermelon. You will love the bittersweet taste of this margarita recipe.

White sugar, 2 teaspoons
Watermelon, cubed and seeded, 2 cups
Tequila, half cup
Fresh limejuice, 3 tablespoons
Fresh lime, wedged
Orange liqueur, 1 tablespoon
Watermelon, sliced and shaped into a ball for garnishing

1. Prepare the margarita glasses by putting sugar on the rim. Sugar is a better choice than salt because the sweet taste blends perfectly with the watermelon.
2. You can start by putting some sugar in a dish. Then, use lime wedge to wet the rim of each glass. 3. Hold the glass upside-down and rub the rim to the dish with sugar. Set aside for a while.
3. Pour all the liquid ingredients (tequila, limejuice, orange liqueur) and the cubed watermelon into the blender.
4. Process the contents well until you have created a thick and slushy mixture.
5. Transfer the margarita into each glass. Add half a cup of crushed ice into each glass.
6. Garnish the drink by putting watermelon balls. Put in a skinny straw in each glass to complete the nice look of the drink.
7. Serve cold and enjoy the fabulous taste of the margarita.
8. This simple recipe makes two glasses of this delightful watermelon cocktail drink.

Making a nice glass of watermelon margarita is definitely a breeze. You can make this recipe in only a matter of minutes. If you have a party and you like to impress your guests, a fabulous cocktail drink is surely a great way to go. Try the recipe featured here, and you will definitely come up with an exciting party. You will also love gulping down this cool drink if you are just lounging at home. Stay refreshed and enjoy this frozen watermelon cocktail drink.

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