Two months ago, I went to meet my friend at her home, after a long period of time. I have not met her since a long time because she got married and shifted to another country. When she came to her mother’s home, I went to see her and she got quite excited after seeing me. Her mother told me that she was upset due to which she came to her. I enquired about her worry and she told me about her dream which she saw a few days back and it made her quite upset.

She told me that she saw a dream in which she was standing in front of the holy Kaaba and was performing all the steps of Hajj. She was praying to Allah and was crying constantly. When she told me that dream, she got upset again and her eyes got filled with tears. I was completely understanding her issue because she was not financially stable enough and could not perform the holy obligation of Hajj. I started consoling her and told her that she should have faith in Allah Almighty. If Allah wishes she will definitely visit His house but at the right time. After consoling her I went back to my home. My friend was feeling better after hearing this but no doubt she had a keen desire in her heart for performing Hajj.

After a few days when I met her, I got her call on my phone. She was crying but this time her voice was shivering with joy and happiness. She told me that she got a surprise from her husband. Her husband had availed the Cheap Hajj Packages 2017 in Low Cost Deals with Best 5 Star Hotels and Luxury Flights for her before telling her about it and it was a surprise for her basically. She was so happy that she couldn’t even talk properly as she was crying with joy. I was extremely happy for her as she was about to fulfill her dream.

Last week she came back from performing Hajj and sent me all the amazing pictures of her trip. I was quite happy for her. There is no doubt that Allah is aware of all the desires of a man which are true and honest in terms of the love for their Lord. One should always have faith in Allah Almighty and he will surely listen to your dreams and heartfelt desires.

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