Verses for Wedding Card Messages

Finding verses and greetings for wedding cards ought to be extremely uncomplicated. The point is relatively straightforward and is in general along the lines of wishing the lately married couple a long and joyful life together.

Find the precise words for a handmade wedding card, nevertheless, can be unexpectedly difficult. Here are some wedding card verses to help you come across the ideal words to give an additionally out of the ordinary ultimate touch to the unique and exceptional wedding card that you, are planning to or, have adoringly formed.
Verses and Greetings for Handmade Wedding Cards

There are a lot of special types of emotions and greetings that are appropriate for wedding cards. These can be used on the front of the greeting card or inside to contribute to a unique message. The words can even be used as an important part of the card design. The nature of words that you use is supposed to be tailored to the card design. A humorous or amusing saying may be absurd. Similarly, a card design that is light hearted and fun will be well suited to funny sayings.

Still wondering what to write in a wedding card? Searching for a special and unique wedding card messages for your friend, family member, son, daughter, or other loved one can turn out to be a challenge sometimes.

Use the below given wedding card verses and poems as sample ideas to help you with the wording for your card. Merge them or change them as you need to make them fit the couple who will receive your gift of words.
Examples of Wedding Card Verses

With warmest wishes
for the best in life
as you both look forward
to a shared future
of love, friendship,
and the wonderful closeness
that is marriage.
We wish you joy
We wish you pleasure
Married life together
Like finding hidden treasure.
I hope your marriage is like a fairy tale
With a happy ever after
Sharing your lives together
Amid much joyous laughter. What makes a marriage special
Two wondrous people
Pledging their vows together
Beneath the church steeple
I couldn’t think of a finer pair
That I would like to toast
Sitting there so much in love
Arguing over who loves the most
So charge your glasses and raise them up
And drink to the happy pair
Who on this, their special day
Can relax without a care Congrats and best wishes
On this day you said “I do”
Promising to each other
That your love would always be true
You said it in front of witnesses
In front of family and friends
Vowing to remain together
Until the very end
Best wishes on your wedding day.
May your life together be filled
with love and laughter
and joy in each other. After you wedding and all through your life
May your love remain strong
As you head out on the highway
That you journey along

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