People use Facebook to find out about the latest gossip and connect with their friends. Internet users use google to solve any doubts they have and internet buyers go to amazon to do only one thing: buy.

Why Sell in Amazon?

The American market is the largest consumer of online products in the world together with Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. They are called "The Big Four" (the big four), because if you want to make good money this is the target market.

In Amazon United States there are more than 200 million products and the site has 175 million monthly visitors. So you have the opportunity to position yourself with a product in a specific niche and make good money selling your products.

What is Amazon's logistics and how can it make your life easier?

Amazon logistics or Fulfillment by Amazon FBA guide is an excellent program where the storage, organization, distribution and customer service of your products are provided by amazon. In the United States there are about 6 FBA distribution centers. This simply means that once you have shipped your products to the distribution center (FBA), amazon will take over orders, send your products and service your customer.

Once your products are in the amazon center, they will take care of the rest so that you dedicate yourself to work in other areas of your business. Obviously there are fees that you should cover for this service but in the end you will save time and money in the processes that you would ordinarily do. The best advantage you have is that you do not need to be present in the United States to sell your products there.

How to sell in Amazon USA?

These are the requirements you need to sell in Amazon outside of the United States.

1. A bank account in the United States to receive your payments. At the moment Amazon only offers direct payments to countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and some countries in Europe, that's why you need a bank account in the USA. There are many companies that offer this service but you are recommended Payoneer because it provides you with a debit card to make your withdrawals at local banks and you only pay 29 usd a year.

Today Amazon has the option to register your payoneer account to receive your payments within the same Seller Central platform.

2. A postal address in the United States for returns (optional). You can open your account in My US or USAMail1 to take care of the returns. In general, most of the preparation and inspection centers (we will see it later) already include this service, so you do not have much to worry about.

3. You’re Employer Identification Number (EIN). This is the requirement that most stops many people to sell in the United States. The simple fact of paying tax or doing paperwork is something that intimidates many especially being a topic that they do not know. Do not let this happen to you.

How to create a Business with Logistics (FBA) of Amazon?

This is the end-to-end process you must follow to sell successfully in Amazon USA.

• Find a profitable product to sell.
• Sort your samples to verify reliability.
• Send them to an FBA Inspection and Preparation Center.
• Sell and climb.

Find a profitable product to sell

This step takes a little time but once you find your product indicated and profitable, the reward is good.
If you already have an idea of what you want to sell do not waste time thinking a lot, order your samples quickly to speed up the process.

You have two options to find and buy your inventory:

• Search for products in local stores or stores in the United States. (Arbitrage model)

• Import your products from China (Private label or private label)

Import your products from China

We been talking a lot about Alibaba and Aliexpress and it may sound a bit cliché but clichés are cliches for a reason: They work and they are true.

The retail price of your product must be at least twice what you bought it, but the idea is to choose a good product with a margin of 300%. That is, 3 times what the product cost you. With the 300% rule you will ensure that, in addition to covering all your expenses to operate this business, you will have at least 50-70% profitability. With this you ensure to cover shipping costs, taxes, preparation fees, amazon fees, etc. leaving you still room so you can increase your inventory and grow your business at the same time.

What are FBA Inspection and Preparation services?

Inspection and preparation services are companies that act as intermediaries to do just that: Inspect and prepare your products before they are shipped to Amazon FBA stores. You cannot be sure that the products that you bought from local stores in the United States or the Chinese do not come broken or with missing pieces (unless you are physically there).

Never believe your provider when he tells you that they can prepare the inventory for the Amazon centers. Amazon policies are changing and for them it is a bit difficult to keep up because it is not their area of expertise.
You will usually get this service badly done, risking that the inspectors of the Amazon warehouses reject your inventory because they do not comply with the standards, the packaging and the correct labeling. Previously you could send your products from China directly to the FBA centers but unfortunately these times are over.

If you do that today, the chances that your products are rejected by Amazon are over 70%, unless you have a supplier who really knows what you are doing and even then I cannot assure you that your products will not be rejected.

Once your order arrives, they will notify you by mail that your products arrived and that they will begin the inspection and, if everything is in order, they will precede with the preparation for FBA.

Labels and Codes for Your Products

At this point you have to create a "Shipment" or "Shipment" report from your seller account. The purpose of the "shipments" or "Shipment" is to notify Amazon that your package is being prepared to send to the FBA centers.

This report includes the barcodes that each of your products must carry. The goal is to keep accurate control of your inventory once you start having orders for Amazon to notify you when you're running out of inventory.
Once you finish making your report, download the PDF that comes with the shipping labels and barcodes and mail it to your inspection and preparation center. Ready. They will be responsible for printing the labels and codes to put them in each of your articles and then send them to the FBA center.

When Amazon receives your items they will notify you via email telling you that your goods have reached the distribution center. Meanwhile, you should be working on the description and images of your items to sell them quickly. Which brings us to the next step?

Sell and Climb

Like all business this is the most exciting part: Sell your products to make money. This is the moment you've been waiting for and it's your chance to prove what you're made of.

You need to find a product that is profitable to get your business afloat. When you find a good product to which you can get at least 300% margin, that is where you are laying the solid foundations to make this a good business.

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