While there are some people who have absolutely no desire to do anything, there are others who find it hard to sit still. When it comes to the former, one might be only too happy to stay in bed all day.

Yet, when it comes to the latter, they may be only too happy to get out of bed and to get things moving. While they might realise how important it is to sleep, they could still see it as something that gets in the way.

Another Dynamic

Along with this, there are going to be people who go to work to pay the bills and others who go there to rise to the top. In the first case, it could be said that they will happy to show up, and that could be as far as it goes.

On the other hand, when this is not the reason why they go to work; it is not going to be enough for them to do this. They might want to gain mastery over the level they are at, and then to move to the next level as soon as they can.

The Similarity

Even though the first example is slightly different to the second one, it still shows that there is a difference when it comes to how driven people are. Still, this is not to say that everyone will fall into one side of the spectrum or the other, as it is not going to be this black and white.

There are clearly going to be people who have the desire to be successful in life, but it won’t consume their whole existence. In addition to this, there will be people who have moments when they want to move forward in life and moments when this isn’t the case.


If this doesn’t consume someone’s life, there could be a number of others things that matter to them. Perhaps they have children, and then a lot of their time will be spent looking after them.

At the same time, they may prefer to spend a lot of time with their friends and family, and this could be an essential part of their life. Their career could then be seen as being insignificant in comparison.

In The Past

There is also the chance that they haven’t always been this way, and this might have changed when they had children. This would then have caused them to take a step back and to think about what truly matters.

Their priorities had to change, and this would have enabled them to be there for their children. Or, they might have got to the point where they were no longer willing to carry on in this way, and having fulfilling relationships became a priority.

Another Perspective

However, if one does have a strong desire to achieve success, they could say that this will allow them to give their children a better life. And if they are not a parent yet, they could be waiting until they reach a certain point.

One then has one focus, but that doesn’t mean that they are not interested in anything else. Thus, as their life begins to change, it will allow them to pay more attention to this area, as well as many others.


When one has a strong desire to succeed, they are likely to find that there are plenty of people who approve of their behaviour. It could be normal for them to be seen as an inspiration.

What this comes down to is that it is not uncommon for people to believe that the purpose of life is to be successful. One is then behaving in a way that is seen as being the right thing to do.

One Direction

And even if one has already achieved a certain level of success, it doesn’t mean that they are going to slow down. What they have achieved up until this point could be seen as being more or less irrelevant.

Once they have achieved one milestone, it could only be a matter of time before they are on their way towards the next one. It is going to be as if they have an insatiable need to achieve.

From The Outside

At times, other people could wonder where this desire comes from, and they might even think about if they can develop it themselves. They might come to conclude that they were simply born this way.

Another way of looking at this would be to say that it shows that they value themselves, and this is why they are so driven. Therefore, if someone how has high self-esteem, they will behave in the same way.


There could be something to this, but what is could also show is that there was a time in their life when they felt extremely insignificant and/or powerless. This is likely to have been something that took place during their childhood years.

Through feeling this way, it would have caused them to experience a lot of pain, and the desire to achieve can be a way for them to handle how they feel at a deeper level. Their need to rise so high can then be seen as something that allows them to stop themselves from having to fall so far down.


One knows what it is like to be at one side of the spectrum, and this is why they want to go to the other side in order to feel different. The pain that they felt through being here is what gives them the ambition to push themselves to the top.

It is then similar to how the further an arrow is pulled back, the more force it has to go forward. Ergo, if one had a childhood where they didn’t feel this way, there can be no reason for them to have the same amount of ambition.


But just because someone’s early years were like this, it doesn’t mean they will turn out this way. They could end up having no desire to do anything, and this can show that they have a different temperament.

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