In today’s fast paced life people no longer have time to sit down and relax. Demanding work schedules and long hours of commuting leave people feeling tired and drained out. Increasing levels of pollutions and e-smog further reduce the productivity of a person and increase stress levels and other aliments. In such a time there is a dire need to find a way to recharge and energize oneself without taking out time from their busy schedules. Amezcua, a line of harmonized energy products by Qnet, is the perfect solution to such problems.

Amezcua offers a range of wellness products like the Lifestyle Set, Bio Disc, E- Guard, Pewter Bio Disc, Straw Tube, Energy Shell and Chi Pendant. Each product holds unique benefits and is aimed at a specific audience. Their research team is constantly finding ways to improve and further develop their products. Here are some of the best and most popular products the company has to offer.

1)Chi Pendant

The Chi Pendant aims at providing continuous protection from the effect of a busy and stressful life. It is a mineral based, highly advanced pendant made from high temperature nano-engineered glass that has a high positive energy field. Wearing the Chi Pendant makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. One experiences high levels of energy, a sense balance and increased harmony. The pendant also neutralizes and in turn protects the wearer from e-smog which is created by electronic equipment like mobile phones, computers, microwaves, etc.

2)Bio Disc 2

Bio Disc has changed the way we look at water. When it was introduced in 2006 for the first time, it altered the view people had on harmonizing and redefining the energy of water by emphasizing on the positive effect it had on the human body. A number of tests conducted over the years have strengthened and proved the ability of the Bio Disc to positively influence and harmonize energy in water. Drinking water treated with the Bio Disc makes you feel rejuvenated and refreshed, facilitates transfer of nutrients and enhances the biocompatibility of water. It corrects energy imbalances and redistributes pooled energy in your body. The Bio Disc 2 said to be superior in a number of way to the Bio Disc as it is better, stronger, more effective and easier
to use.


The E-Guard is a revolutionary wellness solution that protects you from the adverse effects of e-smog. Its is a discreet sticker that can but put on laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices that emit harmful electromagnetic radiation. The E-guard also acts as preventive measure and is proven to effectively absorb problematic radiation frequencies and turn them into those that are more compatible with our bodies. It activates and supports our body’s natural defense and energy systems and helps us feel more focused and energized.

4)Lifestyle Set

The Lifestyle Set is a set of three aluminum energy discs; Amezcua Drink, Amezcua Eat and Amezcua Move, which is made to ensure that no matter where you are or what you’re doing you, are always equipped with tools to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Each disc has energy frequencies that are unique to it and aim at harmonizing energy levels leaving you feeling re energized and focused. The lifestyle set energizes your drinks, makes your beverages and food taste better, and helps you move with a bounce in your step. Its aluminum composition makes it light weight, strong and resistant to corrosion.

5)Straw Tube

The straw tube is a device that instantly revitalizes and improves the taste of your beverages, leaving you feeling refreshed and full of energy. It is convenient, light and easy to carry. When used beverages become more hydratious and improve the user’s harmony and energy levels. It increases nutrient content and makes your water more biocompatible.

Amezcua focuses on enhancing energy levels of the human body and promoting heightened levels of harmony. It aims at providing quality wellness products while promoting a balanced lifestyle and an improved mind, body and soul. Its wide array of products ensure that their something for everyone. Amezcua is designed to increase energy and harmony levels of people everyday and thus is the ideal product in today’s busy day and age.

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Amezcua offers a range of wellness products like the Lifestyle Set, Bio Disc, E- Guard, Pewter Bio Disc, Straw Tube, Energy Shell and Chi Pendant. Read complete article here: