The US President, Donald Trump, declared on Monday that he decided to restrict immigration
to the US temporarily, amid coronavirus fear by signing an executive order.

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Right after the announcement, oil prices went negative in the USA, and equity markets jumped for the first time ever in the history of the United States. Meanwhile, three US states, including Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia, declared on Monday to reopen some of the small businesses.

Donald Trump stated in his tweet that after the coronavirus pandemic, he would sign an executive order to restrict immigration into the United States provisionally, to save the jobs of different US nationals.

However, the details about the executive orders are not precise yet, and the White House administration didn’t clear the sudden announcement by the President on Twitter account. Politico says, DHS (the Department of Homeland Security) was still employing the minutes of executive order; though, provisional guest workers i.e., farmers have relaxation under these circumstances.

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The Department of Homeland Security stated that 22 million and counting unemployed citizens of the United States because of the COVID-19 outbreak provoked Trump to act. Paul Gosar, the representative of Arizona, admired the executive order by Trump and suggested a total suspension on immigration for a while, and ultimately he commended the President. All immigration to the United States should be restricted until every jobless US citizen gets a job.
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The Spectator Washington editor of USA, Amber Athey, expresses that keeping in mind that millions of US citizens are unemployed, and the whole country is in a continuous battle with an invisible enemy that spreads through humans, he is all open to hearing one comprehensible debate against this.

Whereas, Don Beyer, the representative of D-Va, states that Donald was searching for someone to put the blame of his own faults and mishandling, and he found the one, at least.

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