Most of us have some form of amnesia [meaning partial or complete loss of memory], how often have you gone through all your children's names before actually calling the right one? Or forgotten the name of an item you want or need [verbal amnesia]. A more uncommon form of this disease is a temporary loss of total memory - this is where the person dos not even know his own name, age etc.

Don't panic you are not going senile, there are many forms and degrees of amnesia, it is just unfortunate that it tends to happen with old age [though even the youngsters can get it].

Amnesia is caused mainly by impairment of the brain cells [poor blood supply caused by circulatory diseases], injuries, and psychological causes [anxiety neurosis or dullness of intellect]

Herbs used for memory improvement

1) Rosemary [romarinus officinalis]- regarded as the herb of remembrance [in the times of ancient Greece], this herb tends to be an antidote to forgetfulness and mental fatigue. Made into a tea and taken twice a day this concoction will help enhance mental agility.

2) Sage - making and drinking a tea from the dried leaves of this plant [about twice a day] seems to have the power to strengthen the ability to concentrate and help with mental exhaustion by acting on the cortex of the brain.

3) Perennial booti [bacopa scrophulariaceae] - prepare this herb by drying it out in the shade [7 grams per mixture], ground this dried herb, 6 or 7 almond kernels, a little pepper [1/2 gram], then add about 1 liter of water, strain and sweeten to taste. This mixture needs to be taken [on an empty stomach] every morning for about two weeks for any effects to be noticed.

4) Cumin seed - valuable in the treatment of amnesia or the dullness of memory, take three grams of this seed in 2 teaspoons of pure honey once a day, preferably in the early morning.

5) Black pepper - grind 5 pepper seeds and mix into honey [1 teaspoon], take this concoction in the morning and the evening, this will help counteract dullness of memory.

Fruits used for memory improvement

1) Apples - containing various nutritional substances [vitamin B1, phosphorus, and potassium etc], these three mentioned help synthesize glutamic acid which in turn helps control the wear and tear of nerve cells. Eat the apple, a teaspoon of honey and drink a glass of milk [helps with loss of memory and mental irritability] at the same time to help recharge the nerves with new energy.

Remember all fruits and foods that are rich in phosphorus help to invigorate the brain cells, a few examples of fruit are - oranges, grapes, figs and dates. The patients diet should also include foods like cereals, nuts, egg yolks, fruit juices and milk.

All patients suffering with amnesia should also ensure that they get enough sleep, try to relax, meditate and rest as much as possible.

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