Imagine walking into a bank where you feel at home, your work process is carried out seamlessly, and you feel like an essential aspect of the bank. Seems impossible, right? But when it comes to South State Bank, everything mentioned above is true. Amy Buynoski, Vice President, Builder Service Manager, has cultivated a team that makes their clients feel like a family.

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a top business magazines.

Amy ensures that her focus is always on a customer-first approach; she believes in making her clients lives more accessible and convenient. She implicated various factors at the workplace, and South State Bank was voted one of the best places to work. Amy was awarded the “Lender of the Year” by Atlanta Agent Magazine for her dedicated work.

Heading Into Future

The Financial Services industry is growing more complex and more competitive with each passing day, and South State is striving to leave their mark for the long-term in this industry. As cutthroat as the business may be, it cannot replace how one treats people and provide clients with service.

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