I invite you, as you read this article, to give yourself a little love gift. This is a business Valentine from me to you. Just really allow yourself to be as present as possible. Do whatever you need to do to support that to take place for yourself, giving yourself the opportunity to maybe sit in a more relaxed position. To perhaps turn off music or to close out some of the other open programs on your computer, tablet or phone.

Next, I invite to take a deep breath in and let it out. One more time, deep breath in and let it out. With this deep breath you are activating the power of your path, the power of your purpose and the power of your prosperous life. Take another deep breath in; and with this breath you focus on releasing the fear of moving away from the known, that fear that comes up when you consider moving from the known to the unknown even if you don’t like your present current circumstance or situation. You have to admit; you do know it very well.

The fear of stepping into the unknown, so often for so many of us stops us in our paths. It stops you from realizing the magic and the joy of actually being on your true path. So, together, we choose right now to tap into the understanding that God, the universe, source energy, spirit, soul, Buddha, angels, whatever language you want to use, that higher energy does not make mistakes. Everyone and everything has a purpose. You have a purpose. You have a unique gift to give, something that no one else can give.

When you allow this part of you to be revealed, to be released out into the world, then you truly begin to shine. You waste so much energy believing that you have to search, search, search, search for your true gift. This searching is misguided by the belief that your Truth has something to do with your occupation or job or vocation or business. So often, it is forgotten that what you may currently do to earn money is not always a reflection of who you are. If you focus on simply discovering and unleashing the power of who you are, then abundance is free to flow in to you from all directions. Some of which you may least expect.

As you make this decision to be true to you, to be the true you in the world, to be the true you in your business, then the universe will support your decision. You will be given the courage and the faith to take each step, step by step, letting go of that which no longer serves you and stepping into the power of the authentic you.

The key to this release that we are here together to support and activate today is always forgiveness. I have found that those who are willing to forgive experience a higher degree of abundance and prosperity. It’s definitely been the case for me. Those who are unwilling to forgive themselves or others seldom move beyond any past pattern that has become engrained.

You expand your own sense of wealth and prosperity by choosing to forgive. You don’t need to know how. You don’t even need to know who needs forgiveness necessarily; the power is in simply choosing forgiveness energy right now.

Your EnergyRich Call to Action

1. Close your eyes.

2. Take a deep breath in.

3. With your out-breath literally release, and just let go.

4. Allow your eyes to flutter open.

5. Take in your surroundings.

6. Feel how your energy is different.

7. Re-enter into your day with a shift in perception, a different view then what you had before.

8. If you would like to take this shift in energy further, our door here at EnergyRICH® Coaching, Inc. is open. Just click here and fill out this online form to schedule a 1:1 private next steps activation call with myself or one of my trained by me coaches. We will connect in, hear what’s happening for you, your energy, and your business and support you in gaining clarity about your best next steps. You will be amazed by the miracles that take place from this very special process.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick is the creator of energyrichcoach.com, a business training company teaching Highly Sensitive Self-employed coaches and entrepreneurs to be purposeful, profitable and empowered so you can make a Considerably Huge difference in the world and live a life that is EnergyRICH®.

Through her EnergyRICH® Marketing Mastery Academy, tiered Business Training Programs and live Training Retreats Heather teaches her students how to embrace their natural highly sensitive abilities as business building assets, rather than hindrances, so you can transcend lower level energies like fear, worry and overwhelm and build your business from a place of clarity, confidence and gracious strength. Learn more online here: http://energyrichcoach.com/learnmore