OptMSM or commonly called, “Miracle Supplements,” is known for lower inflammation, fight the effects of stress and pain, raise immunity and increase energy levels. OptMSM found in MONAT’s S3 Supplement Support System for natural hair growth, not only helps to regrow one’s hair, give it body and a healthy luster, but it also treats literally dozens of illnesses, painful symptoms, and diseases.

OptMSM or Optimum Methyl Sulonyl Methane is an organic sulfur-containing compound that’s used to improve immune function, lower inflammation, and help restore healthy bodily tissue. MSM is also a well-known joint health supplement. It also naturally occurs in some green vegetables and other food products. Yet, I’ve been consuming a healthy diet of green vegetables for over a year and the health-benefits along with healthy hair, I didn’t really see, until I started taking MONAT’s S3 Supplement. I know that this supplement has helped me to get my curl back. https://www.facebook.com/kelley.oberne/videos/vb.511846917/1015621301883...

The reason so many benefits are attributed to this MSM supplement is because MSM provides biologically active sulfur, which is the fourth most plentiful mineral in the body and needed for many different critical bodily functions in a single day.

MSM is also used in conjunction with other anti-inflammatory supplements. MONAT GLOBAL has created a proprietary blend with MSM as one of its ingredients. That’s “why” the S3 by MONAT is so successful in helping individuals to regain hair loss.

I’m thrilled Mother began taking MONAT’s S3 Supplement Support System, since it contains OptMSM, a part of their proprietary blend for treating osteoarthritis and joint pain. Before her retirement from teaching, Mother experienced a great deal of joint pain, and had difficulty in keeping up with her students. She went to see her PCM. He diagnosed her as having “osteoarthritis” in the both knees. Furthermore, he let her know her condition would only worsen with age. Oh, he was so wrong!

Mother attended physical therapy sessions for several months. She learned to strengthened other parts of her leg to protect her knee. It was only a band aid treatment. Not one time did anyone mention to her about taking MSM.
MSM supplements are beneficial for helping the body form new joint and muscle tissue while lowering inflammatory responses that contribute to swelling and stiffness. An MSM supplement is a natural and effective anti-inflammatory because of how sulfur impacts the immune system and facilitates normal cellular activity. Sulfur needs to be present for our cells to release many byproducts and excess fluids that can accumulate and cause swelling/tenderness.

According to research, it can take 12 weeks or longer when taking MSM supplements to notice more improvement in pain, swelling, and joint mobility. This time line compares to when individuals began taking S3 MONAT Supplement Support System began to notice hair regrowth, a healthier head of hair. In other words, nothing happens overnight. But, when one knows what supplements can do for one’s health, is just requires a little patience and consistency to see those expected results.

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