Recently I decided to do some Angelic Magick to invoke the energies of certain Archangels & Angels for specific uses.

Now bear in mind I normally employ a wide variety of Magickal systems & techniques on a daily basis to engineer my reality. Sometimes I drop in a bit of Angelic vibrations/energies and it works wonders!

I'm no longer surprised when results and solutions manifest in a couple days and sometimes even in hours!

This time I was being guided to focus solely on Angelic Magick to gauge the results.

In my many past experiences with Angelic contact, invocation and petition I’ve noted a very interesting thing.

This was that the Angels have a tendency to overshadow humans (irrelevant of race and class).

They do this to commune with us indirectly. If your intuition is highly developed then you will instantly make the connection of...hey this is an Angel speaking through this person.

And you will find that strangers particularly will communicate to you about certain things that are currently affecting your life directly or indirectly.

It's fun when it happens because you wonder WOW! Is this for real?

Is an Angel speaking through this person?

How could this stranger be so in tune with my life and issues?

What are the odds?

Then you get certain confirmations from the Angel through the person.....

And all doubts are shattered!

You just stand there in Awe at the amazing synchronistic meeting that just happened.

Well it happened to me today again (not the first time).

I met this 45 year old British native (mixed race guy) close to where I live.

He stopped me and began singing reggae music. I started to smile because it was sounding good!

I smelled some alcohol on his breath as he was chanting this creative tune in rhythm right there on the road!

SO then all of a sudden he starts to babble something along the lines of something relating to my life currently.

Without getting too much into the details (as it's private) he started to disclose a specific solution to a specific issue I had petitioned the Archangels for assistance on.


So here was this half drunk stranger giving me a solution right there and then!

My mind drifted to thoughts of Angels while he was advising me...and I wondered if this was an Angel overshadowing this semi-drunk man?

I was excited but very calm and listened attentively to this stranger providing me with an actual solution to a current issue I specifically requested assistance on.

So he carried on for a good 10 minutes disclosing what I could do about this certain situation.

All I was saying was.."Thank you very much!"

Finally he stopped talking and said 'Hey look at this'

He then walked a few feet away, turned his back to me and spread out his two hands.

Then he started to do the trick Chris Angel does to 'fly'..LOL

You know the one that Chris Angel does to apparently fly (if he really does fly)

Anyway when this drunkard did this the first thing that popped into my mind was 'Chris Angel'

It was quite funny to see the man do it actually!! I could not stop laughing!!

But at the same time I was attentively aware of the fact of what was happening.

The Angel gave me confirmation...

That's not all..

Upon finally parting the man said 'I'm watching you....'

I replied "okay thanks again for the info" and he said okay bye...and left.

So do you think my Angelic Magick worked?

Do you think an Angel spoke through this guy?

I surely know so.... I mean Spirits/Angels/Guides/Masters can really speak through people and influence their thoughts...Especially when they are in trance and I can push it so far as to say that Alcohol allows for a person to be subtly influenced by spirits and guides of the like (both positive & negative nature)...Same as Weed and some other plants on Mama Earth...But that's another story! Smile

From the time I started the Angelic Magick to the time I met this man with the solution the timeframe is 1 day.

So results in 1 day.

Angels are very powerful and potent.

They are all around.. You can even speak with them mentally.

It's very easy... They act alot swifter when you actually ask for assistance.

So feel free to communicate with the Angels in any way you know of.

Do it NOW!


Open Up Your Own Two Way Communications With Angels

Angels are not Religion Based don't worry about the norms of society.

Just do what you are guided to do..and everything else will fall into place.

The Universe, The Angels (The Universe's Workers) & Others Will Open Up To You More!

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