Every time you walk into your office you should feel inspired, creative, calm, and ready to work! If you don’t it might be time to make some changes! These three tips can help you create a great place you will want to come and work in.

Keeping an Organized Work Area

The less “stuff” you have on your desk the easier it will be to concentrate on the project at hand. Keep only your essential items on the desktop. This includes equipment like your computer and phone. Want a really clear desktop? Use pullout shelves to hide your fax machine, or printer inside of a cabinet. Simply open the door and pull them out when you need them, then push them back in and close them out of sight when they aren’t in use!

The Trouble With Cords and Cables

Cords can be a HUGE unsightly mess in an office. Not only are they ugly they can be a down right hazard. You, or children if you work from home, can get tangled or tripped up in loose cables. If you need to replace a specific piece of equipment untangling your cords until you find the correct ones can be a time consuming nightmare.

Start by using grommets to feed your cords to the closest outlet most effectively. What is a grommet? It is a small ring that allows you to pass cords through the top of desks, and side or back of cabinets. A protective, usually plastic, ring will hide raw or sharp edges of the pass through. Now that your cords have a way to reach the outlet you need a computer cable organizer.

The best computer cable organizer will keep your cords separated, help eliminate extra cord length, and keep your cords hidden out of sight.

When your computer cable organizer keeps your cords separated as opposed to bundled all together the tasks of removing, rearranging, or repairing one piece of equipment becomes SIGNIFICANTLY faster, easier, and less stressful.

The Trouble With Open Shelves

If your office has open shelving you may find yourself being visually bombarded by clutter the second you walk in the room. Just because you have open shelving doesn’t mean you can’t corral your work in a neat and orderly fashion. In fact this can be a great way to add texture and personality to your office.

Baskets and bins are a great solution for organizing paperwork, projects, or other loose equipment. If you are short on drawer space a covered basket or bin can contain small equipment like pens, staplers, or highlighters neatly and out of sight.

Want to keep a home or work project materials together? Collect them all into the same basket and slide it onto a shelf. When you’re ready to work on that project again pull down your basket and have all of materials ready to go.

Keep your shelves neat and orderly with baskets, but remember in order to keep your day flowing smoothly use labels! If all of your containers are labeled clearly you won’t have to go searching through each bin until you find where you tucked your project. It is also helpful if you are organizing paperwork that others may need to find.

Look around your office would addressing these three areas make a big difference in your space? Chances are yes. Start by picking up a cable cord organizer for each loose cord in your space. Then clear of that desk and corral your “stuff” on the shelves of your office. These are changes you won’t regret.

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Heidi DeCoux is a professional organizer and has a line of helpful organizing products including a paper filing system, a time mastery program and a computer cable organizer system. You can get a free home organization e-Kit and details about her unique cable cord organizer at www.ClearSimpleLiving.com