Some generic logos in the world hardly catch our attention. Then, there are Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Nike, Coca Cola, Puma, and Amazon logos that we recognize easily.
What is it about these logos that we identify in just one glance? It is the design that catches our attention all of a sudden and stays in our senses forever. In just a single view it reflects a brand’s personality. That’s what makes a logo memorable and unique.
You may think of starting your online business, but you avoid to hire a professional designer because of the short on budget, you avoid hiring a designer for a unique logo design. That’s not just yours, but many people’s issue. Therefore, we are here with an easy guide for you to create a logo. The best option is to launch a contest or use an online tool. Both the options are budget-friendly and help you get your task done for less.
But there are some simple rules that you should get familiar with before getting your logo designed. Let’s check out what are they—
Keep it simple
When it comes to logo design, designers always go overboard. But the most popular logos have a simple design. For example, Apple, Nike, IBM, Facebook, and Twitter logos. Do you find their logos complex? No, but simple, in fact, very simple. So, simplicity is the key to represent your brand visually. Of course, you need to have a clear idea of overdoing and underdoing.

Keep it unique
In a world that brings about tens and hundreds of companies each day, seeing similar or matching logos isn’t a big thing. Sure, there you may find popular design features that remain unchanged for a particular niche, but you need to make it unique in its own way. It should reflect your brand’s personality but in a unique way.
It needs to be recognizable in a unique way and from a certain distance. Of course, you have to do a bit of research to keep yourself away from the league of generic logos.

Keep it flexible
Regardless of the size or medium, you are going to present your logo it should be identifiable. It should work both in black and white shades and on business cards, billboards, and on items like pens, keychains, mugs, and more. Complex logos do not come with that much flexibility. Such logos do not work well in small formats too.
However, a simple but unique logo can be converted into any format with ease. The flexibility quotient that it comes with makes it easier to use it anywhere and on any product you like.
It should reflect your brand’s personality
It is possible that you design a unique logo, but it just lacks the brand voice. Take for an instance a law firm. Suppose you own a law firm, which is a serious business. But you get a logo created in playful shades and comic fonts. It is, of course, a misleading or inappropriate design.

This is why getting a brand-specific logo is essential.

Types of logos to pick from —
Now that you are familiar with the fundamentals, it's time to decide what kinds of logos would be appropriate for your business. There are different types of insignias for your brands to get your maximum business personalization.

Text-based logo
A common misconception, we all make is that we think a logo is made of design elements than the plain text. But it is not the truth. It is feasible to create a logo that doesn't consist of any design elements but text. For example— Coca Cola, Nike, and IBM. The beauty of each of these logos lies in eye-catching fonts.

You can run your creativity wildly using fonts.
Symbol or icon based logo
Symbols are memorable. It can be anything from a geometric shape to a leaf or an abstract symbol. Many symbols are recognized all over the world, for example, apple symbol for Apple, a window for Microsoft and so on.

Be vigilant when you pick a symbol for your business. You will find many icons that brands have been using for decades. And, if you won’t do your homework, you may end up using the one that’s already been taken.
A combination of text and symbol
If you combine the text and the symbol, you will get more options to show your creativity. There are many examples to learn the art of combining symbols and words as a visual representation of a brand. Microsoft, Adidas and Samsung, look at each of them and observe how creative their brand logo is.
Even their website design correlates with the same theme as their logos.
Tools for logo creation
Depending on your budget, needs, and skill level, you can create a logo by leveraging many online tools. Even having no skills is okay as you won’t find any difficulty in operating these tools.
One such tool is an online logo maker that enables you to try your hands on logo designing. It comes pre-loaded with an extensive collection of symbols and images to simplify your task. It allows you to make a logo within a few minutes. However, be sure to use the tool from a reputed site only. Most of the websites do not have a user-friendly tool that complicates the whole process.

Besides, if you want a custom logo design based on your ideas and have a budget for it, there are many crowdsourcing sites to get the task done. Here, you can find many graphic designers with different skill levels. The process is pretty simple, you launch a contest, get various submissions, and you pick a winner. However, there is also the facility to choose a particular designer based on your needs.
Bottom line
It's not just the name people recognize your brand, but the logo too. A logo gives your business an identity to communicate with your prospects. There are many ways to get a logo for your company. Consider the ways we suggested above and get your task done.

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