Have you ever wondered if leave in conditioner is for you? Leave in conditioner can help the appearance of your hair whether it’s extremely dry and may be useful if you have an oily hair type too.

If you have long hair like I do, you might have the issue of having both oily and dry hair. While the oil from my scalp leaves my roots on the oily side, the extremities of my hair strands are parched and can get frizzed out. I find it useful to mist some homemade leave in conditioner on midway to the ends of my hair after showering. This helps with detangling and preventing damage from pulling and breaking. When getting ready to go out, I also spray some on my ends to neaten and refresh my look. It makes my hair look shinier and softer!

Since my hair is long (down to my waist) and I need to balance out purchasing hair care products with buying groceries to feed my boys (who are only in elementary school, but eat like mini-football players), I try to find ways to keep my hair maintenance costs down. By making it at home, I have been able to save a few bucks and I have also been able to experiment with various combinations and amounts of ingredients without having to spend extra on different products.

Aside from being economical, it’s tremendously simple to stir up a conditioner mixture at home.

My favorite mixture
Spray bottle
3 oz. distilled water
½ oz. olive oil
1 oz. regular rinse out hair conditioner

What to do: Fill your spray bottle with distilled water (you can use tap water), favorite hair conditioner, and olive oil. Shake up the bottle and it’s ready to spray.
You can get a spray bottle at the local dollar store or Walmart. I use distilled water because it has been purified of chemicals. I suggest using a conditioner for your hair type. You can alter the quantities to best suit your needs.

Coconut Oil for Hair
For very curly or dry hair, you may want to choose a more creamy leave in conditioner. You may enjoy this option if you like the smell of the tropics.

Coconut oil (preferably virgin organic)

What to do: Start with a small amount coconut oil in and rub it between your hands. Using your fingers, spread it through your moist hair from the ends up toward your roots. You can use it as a moisturizer on a daily basis as well. If I have an excess on my hands, I simply rub it on arms or legs.

Coconut oil has had many domestic uses over the centuries and is known to boost shine and ability to control hair. Since there are so many uses for this multipurpose oil, there are many options to choose from. It’s recommended to use virgin or extra virgin coconut oil and you can use the same oil you use in the kitchen. Of course there are other options to buy coconut oil marketed for hair use.

One of my favorite benefits of homemade leave in conditioner options is that you can easily fine-tune the mixture of ingredients to fit your needs. Give it a try and see what you think!

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