You've probably seen hundreds of ads on the internet about making money online. For the most part there are strings attached and once you get into it most of the so-called opportunities are opportunities ate all. After spending a lot of money to start making money you will probably realize that its not really worth it at all. So, the question the is whether you really can earn money online without any strings attached? Well, there definitely are some opportunities that are legit but the problem is that it can take a long time before you start earning money.

Most of us are looking for a way where we can start earning real money without going through months of hard work - hoping that we will make a few dollars. Let me share with you a simply way that is guaranteed to earn you real money for the work you do.

Article writing is probably the easiest way to do it. There is a massive demand from webmasters to get fresh and new content for their websites and as a ghostwriter you can write fro them. You don;t need any special skills and you don't have to be a qualified writer either. You just need to be able to put a simple 400 word article together.

If you can do that, simply register at a freelance website like or and create a profile. Then, start bidding on work that comes in. You might want to brush up on the basics of SEO writing and keep bidding on jobs as they come in. At first you will probably not win a lot of bids but as you build up your reputation and your feedback you can win a lot of work quite easily.

So, how much can you earn? The standard rate for an article is between $5 and $20 for 400 words although more specialized writers can earn as much as $50 an article. Its all about doing a lot of these. If you can wrote 20 a day then that can be $200 a day which is not bad at all. Since the websites control all the payments its really safe and you can get paid almost immediately when you complete the jobs.

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