Planning a trip in the modern world is much easier regardless of the practices we follow. Although more and more establishments are catering for vegans, there can be several categories of veganism, which means some may need to carry out some additional research before departing.
There is plenty of information available on online and while this can be accessed when you’re at your destination, it can be worthwhile being prepared, which in turn will give you more time to enjoy your holiday.
1) Plan Ahead
Although planning anything can be monotonous at times, it all helps when it comes to ensuring you’re able enjoy your holiday.
Just as planning in advance can help save you money, it can also ensure that you have everything you need when you arrive.
For example, will local restaurants cater for vegans? Are there local supermarkets that sell the right produce? These can both be important factors to consider when planning a holiday.
2) Be Aware of Useful Phrases
Ascertaining that a restaurant caters for vegans is one thing, but its still important to know some important phrases before departing.
This allows you to ensure that you’re only eating the right ingredients. An example could be “does this dish contain egg?”
Don’t worry about memorising the phrases, simply keep a notebook handy or make some notes on your smartphone to ensure that you’re always prepared.
3) Consider Less Conventional Accommodation
There can be times when certain eateries and hotels can’t cater for vegan guests in the right way. This can be a rare occurrence, but there’s certainly no harm in considering other options to be on the safe side.
Websites such as Airbnb have introduced a new way of experiencing our surroundings, and in most instances, you will have the full run of the kitchen.
This ensures that you’re never in doubt of the ingredients, as well as making some substantial savings.
Many find that they can make connections with like-minded individuals, ensuring that the surrounding environment is perfect for your needs.
4) Don’t Underestimate the Local Tourism Guide
With so much information online, it can be easy to dismiss more conventional avenues of obtaining information.
Contacting the local tourism guide may seem like a dated approach, but it can actually make planning a holiday much easier.
Not only will they be able to offer advice on what local restaurants offer vegan-friendly options. The information can depend on the where you’re looking to visit, but it’s certainly a worthwhile consideration for those looking for a stress-free holiday.
5) Stay Informed via Travel Blogs
There was once a time when travel blogs would be centred on more conventional offerings, but nowadays there are several blogs that are offering information for people from all walks of life.
Fellow vegans understand the importance of getting it right when going abroad and can even share details of when things didn’t go to plan.
Staying up-to-date with travel blogs allows you to become more aware of the potential pitfalls, as well as learning some useful information along the way.
Although it’s easier to plan a trip that’s suitable for vegans, that doesn’t mean that we should rest on our laurels.
Taking some time to carry out some research can ensure that the location we plan to visit has what we need nearby and offer an environment in which we feel comfortable.

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Written by Stuart Cooke, Blog Editor at My Baggage, a luggage delivery service helping travellers take time and stress out of their journeys.