Infertility itself is a very painful situation to bear with whereas breast cancer is a disease which several difficult treatments attached to it. Sometimes women have to endure both the situation together. Breast cancer screening makes one aware of whether she is the one having breast cancer or not. In some of the breast cancer cases he infertility found to be one of the reasons for breast cancer. One needs to realize and should understand this link in order to avoid it.

Why does it happen?
Almost everyone likes children and wants to have them after marriage to start a new life in a totally new direction but still, there must be few couples who don’t intend to have a child and when they think they should have a child, it’s too late for it. There is another group of people who want to start a new life with the arrival of their newborn but unfortunately, they can’t make it out due to infertility issues especially with the women because then she can become the victim of breast cancer. This whole situation revolves around the hormonal inequality especially the imbalance in the amount of estrogen hormone. Breast cancer screening tells us the in-depth situation of the breasts and also provides us with a way forward to select the treatment options accordingly. This breast cancer and infertility issue has multiple belongings with each other and there can be different situations in which either breast cancer can prove to be a reason behind infertility because of some of the treatments or in other case infertility or not having children intentionally can trigger breast cancer, so it would be really an important task to manage all the related things as per the given scenario.

Infertility being a reason for breast cancer:
This is a situation in which not having a kid can further cause breast cancer. In many women, estrogen levels get an abnormal increase and eventually one can develop breast cancer. There are so many examples of women who have developed breast cancer in their 40’s because they never became mothers. It is also said that having a baby use to lower the amount of estrogen within a body which is very much essential. Such women usually have estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer which clearly indicates cancer-related to the hormones. You can’t do anything with the naturally induced situations and conditions but when you are the one who has to decide about a certain decision like having children at the right time, you must take a decision which is best for your health and family life.

Breast cancer is a reason for infertility:
As discussed earlier some of the treatments for breast cancer can cause infertility. It can either be temporarily or otherwise. There are three types of hormonal therapies permitted for treating premenopausal women. They are tamoxifen, Evista (chemical name: raloxifene), and Fareston (chemical name: toremifene). These hormonal based therapies can cause irregular periods and this can further stop the ovaries to produce eggs.

Breast cancer screening is very much essential for every woman as it is one of very basics prevent measure which not only informs you time but also use to open several treatment options which probably can increase the survival rates as well.

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