It all began a long time ago.

I’ve had a healing group for many years and we would gather at “the resort” (R’s place)
on the September long weekend. On that long weekend the boys would go North to pick Matsutaki (mushrooms) and one year I was at the resort thinking it would be nice for my friends to go to a resort for a weekend as well. As I was thinking this I realized I was standing in a “resort” albeit a private one, so that is where we began to gather for that
particular weekend. It was a beautiful place with a cedar lined bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, a trout pond out front , two streams, and an 11 acre lake in the back. Totally private, how perfect!

We would first check on each other first and send healings .
It was very interesting to feel the different energies hitting you as the group scanned your body looking for what might be out of kilter.
Then each of us had a list of people we wanted healed, to be worked on. What we needed to tune in was name, age and location. We then went into a meditation to go to the space where we are all connected and when our description matched the person being searched for we would go into their body and look for anomalies. This can take time and practice since it is easy to connect with a person and then skip on to who they are thinking about or to someone close to them.
Then each would, in their own fashion, send healings. That could be from visualization of an organ changing to what it should be, to prayer or sending of energies. It was very helpful that one of our group was a medical Dr who could tell us what an organ’s size colour and texture should be. For those that visualize change this is invaluable.

One weekend R had requested that we work on his cousin. This cousin had had a bag attached after part of his cancerous bowel had been removed. He had just been diagnosed with 8 spots of bladder cancer and having two bags was not much of a life. As soon as Mary tuned in to him she said there was a real mess there. We all zeroed in on him and each one of us in our own way sent healing. Later R and I bumped into the couple. The wife said “there must be something wrong. Two months ago there were eight spots of bladder cancer, now there is nothing. They must have made a mistake with one of the tests”. R instinctively jumped in and said “believe it !!! if you don’t it will come back”. Well they didn’t believe it and it did come back. When miracles happen just trust. I did not know at the time that Archangel Raphael was working with me and two others in the group did not know they were working with Ascended Masters.
No wonder miracles happened.

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Nancy Fletcher Huber

Remote Viewing absent healing, Reiki, Akashic Record Readings,Munay Ki Rites gifter,Past Life Regressions.
Proprietor Cherry Valley Retreat in Ontario with Certification Courses in Animal Communications, Reiki, Past life Regressions with many Workshops on Healing with crystal, flower essences, vibrational essences, colour. Wokshops on learning to communicate with your Angels, guides, Animal Totems