Since the first doxorubicin-loaded liposomes came out, numerous studies have been conducted to develop new liposomal formulations over the past decade. Experts at Creative Biolabs also devoted much effort to this field and reaped comprehensive liposomal formulation technologies that can be classified into five categories.

Firstly, liposomes are applied to encapsulate small-molecule drugs which are in essence subject to the drawbacks of fast clearance, poor biological distribution, and low intracellular absorption rate. At Creative Biolabs, technicians manage to eliminate these defects with ample expertise in liposomal encapsulation. In particular, they would carefully select and prepare liposomes of various sizes, lamellae, and physicochemical properties so that distinct small-molecule drugs can be loaded for superior therapeutic efficacy.

Additionally, therapeutic proteins resembling the small-molecule drugs are confronted with some innate disadvantages such as instability during processing and storage. Fortunately, the emergence of biocompatible and biodegradable liposomes as carriers provides a promising solution to the conundrum. It's feasible to encapsulate proteins or peptides by liposomes so as to assure safe and effective delivery which is the key to either research breakthroughs or commercial success. Backed by the in-depth insight into the interaction between proteins and lipid bilayers, Creative Biolabs concentrates its expertise on controlling the lipid composition of liposomes or increasing the concentration of liposomes to enhance the efficiency of protein and peptide encapsulation. Moreover, incubation time and temperature are taken into consideration during the process of loading therapeutic proteins or peptides into liposomes.

In comparison with other liposomal drugs, prodrug-based liposomes perform better in intelligently responding to certain stimuli and releasing the ideal drugs. Therefore, on the road to expanding its liposome technologies, Creative Biolabs also engages in mastering the techniques of encapsulating anticancer prodrugs through non-covalent binding. From the first step of designing liposomes with distinct sizes and flakes to optimizing their physical or chemical properties and finally, to evaluating the safety of liposome-encapsulated prodrugs, Creative Biolabs has accumulated abundant experience and always keeps ahead in the field.

In regard to the development of liposome-based adjuvants and liposome delivery system for nucleic acid (NA) drugs, Creative Biolabs invests equal amounts of resources and energies respectively. Some advances have been witnessed while more research is underway.

With the ultimate goal of overcoming the undesirable properties of drugs, Creative Biolabs has been striving to construct a robust liposome-based drug delivery system which is bound to assist in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing.

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