The race for a diet that can help us lose weight and keep it off has been continuing with the proliferation of diets, workouts, and healthy living alternatives vying for the top slot. Most of these diets have become onetime fads, fading into obscurity when they fall short of their claims.
The Nutrisystem Diet can be seen as one of the “new kid on the block” that claims to relieve you of 5 pounds within the first week of use. But, what is this Nutrisystem Diet and does it really work?

A brief background.

Losing weight the Nutrisystem Diet way claims 40 years of success with the numerous clientele that has used the diet of prepackaged food-controlled and portioned calorie foods. These set of foods can be delivered right to your doorstep that promises to get rid of 5 pounds after the first week of strict adherence to the diet.
There are various portion sizes offered as well as food suggestions that companionably go with the Nutrisystem meals. However, the diet becomes more effective when most of the meals prepared and consumed come from the Nutrisystem prepackaged meals.

The prepackaged foods contain ingredients with the most common ones being:.

Beta Carotene.

A lot of fruits and vegetables sporting a bright orange color indicate the presence of rich Vitamin A content that is crucial in maintaining antioxidant value, healthy eyesight, great skin value, inflammation reduction, and general well-being.


Flaxseed is one of the rare vegetables that give Omega 3 fatty acids that will always be good for the heart. Flaxseed is one such vegetable that contains an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids while being bountiful in amino acids to help digestion as well as an exceptional source of fiber and protein.


Binding ingredients and food are easily achieved with the thickening factor found in Carrageenan. It is a food additive that easily aids oils and liquids to bind together to create a better food consistency.

Ferric Phosphate.

The body’s energy and blood health are significantly maintained with iron, the common name for Ferric phosphate. Blood and energy deficiencies in the body are one of the chief elements contributing to illnesses that happen to people around the world.


Foods such as eggs, grains, vegetables, and more are natural sources for Niacinamide or commonly known as Vitamin B. Digestion and cholesterol are better helped with healthy doses of Vitamin B that can also successfully protect us from hazardous pollutants and toxins.

Xanthan Gum.

Another great food thickener to give them a better consistency is Xanthan gum.

How will this help in losing weight?.

The Nutrisystem Diet works on the assumption of offering a wide assortment of prepackaged foods rich in protein and fiber as a way to curb appetite. Since the meals are well-balanced, it is said to optimize an individual’s health while suppressing the appetite as well.
It goes without saying that a good balance of protein and fiber easily makes us full. Fullness stops hunger pangs in its tracks which naturally aids in weight loss. The absence of 4 ingredients such as MSG including artificial sweeteners such as corn syrups high in fructose content, aspartame, and trans-fat rich hydrogenated oils in the prepackaged foods ensures that good research has been done prior to preparation of the meals.

The variation in the prepackaged food offers from Nutrisystem ensures nutritious meals that are meant to keep the body healthy while resulting in weight loss. The meals are not only a matter of keeping the appetite in check; it also gives the proper nutrients, making it healthier and more energetic.

The convenience of meal delivery is another plus for the company which easily makes people stick to the diet. This is a unique approach that has not been incorporated in other forms of diet where one had to follow a set of food preparations and ingredients that could, oftentimes, take too much time and effort.

How do you go about it?.
Nutrisystem offers three distinctive food plans to start you off right:
● Basic
The basic food plan claims to take off 10 pounds from you in a months with the offers of pre selected foods, online tracking, and support tools. Being allowed a maximum daily allowance of 1,000 calories at a cost of $9.82 a day, the basic is best for people who are used to diets and only need some basic support for proper maintenance.

● Core
There’s a wider 100 prepackaged food selections plus support from counselors and dieticians starting at $10.54 per day. Everything that goes under the basic plan is included as well.

● Uniquely yours
Other than the inclusion of food selections and offers from the basic and core plan, you get a bigger assortment of 150 prepackaged food choices for about $11.96 per day. You also get the chance to order as many frozen food varieties as you want which makes this plan the best Nutrisystem offer.

In a nutshell.

The Nutrisystem Diet seems to have it all: nutritious prepackaged food selections, dietician and counselor help, reasonable price, door delivery, and, best of all, weight loss. The 40 years experience under their belt seems to have worked for a lot of people that holds true today, making it a one-of-a-kind approach to dieting and weight maintenance.

No longer will it be an excuse for anyone to say that they don’t have the time and energy to purchase and prepare the foods that are allowed on a diet when prepackaged meals can be delivered right to the home.
The next step to do after reading this review is to take the time to contact the Nutrisystem, Inc. group to start your way to lose weight while reaping all the health benefits given by the different food selections.

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