The main aim of the UKATA Course is to provide awareness and knowledge to employees who work with asbestos on a day-to-day basis. They are the ones prone to hazards and risks to a greater extent. Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012) states that the employers must make sure their employees who are under exposure of asbestos related materials should have undergone suitable training. If one handles asbestos, he or she should be aware of the risks associated with it so as it save himself and others.

Different courses for Asbestos Awareness were created earlier but UKATA Course is the leading asbestos courses to create awareness. UKATA online course is a far engaging course which includes animation, graphics, and presentation to make the training interactive. It’s a modular course that is segmented in a way that can be easily understood by the learner. At the end of each module, assessment tests will be there.

The UKATA asbestos training course will cover:-
-Understanding what is asbestos
-Understanding asbestos-containing materials
-Categorising asbestos and its types
-Asbestos and its effects on health
-Protection from asbestos

The course is compatible with any browsers and can be used on any devices; mobile, laptop or tab. Once you start the course there won’t be any hindrance like getting stuck between the course or skipping the ongoing course. You can take up the course the way you wish. It is designed to be learner-friendly that is appealing and legible to the learners. The online training is designed in a way that it has the following benefits:-

-Flexible: You can take the course anytime a per your work schedule and lifestyles so that you have time for your personal and work obligations.
-Cost-effective: Since there are no hidden costs, the course is cost-effective with no travel or accommodation costs.
-Track Progress: You can track the progress of your course without any hindrance. You can trace your training journey at any time during the course.
-24/7 Accessibility: Once you purchase the course, you can have 24/7 accessibility. This can help the learners to study at their own pace and comfort.

The course duration lasts for about 1 hour 15 mins. After successful completion of the course, the course certification is generated automatically and mailed to you. The certification has a validity for 12 months. You can also download the certificate immediately via the online academy when you complete the course. For more information please contact us at +44 20 3579 7542 or visit our website

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Olive Learning’s online Asbestos Awareness course is certified by UKATA. On successfully completing the course, the UKATA certificate is automatically generated and emailed straight to you.