There are always some events that change the way you think or perceive about a certain thing. I could not understand the job and status of a paramedic until recently I saw a situation that made me think about the importance of the skill they have.
It was a regular afternoon. I came out of my office and headed straight to a restaurant for lunch. I usually go there for a snack and spend some time talking to people or reading newspaper and then come back to work. As always, it was an ordinary day for me. I ordered the usual and sat down looking outside the window while reading a newspaper as there weren’t many customers in the restaurant that day. The restaurant was close to a busy road but there wasn’t much activity on the road that day. There was also a small park outside the restaurant and people used to come and sit there for hours enjoying the nature. As I was reading, I noticed a biker speeding on the road and crossing really quickly without much attention to the surroundings. I was shocked to see how irresponsibly he acted without even caring for the safety of the pedestrians. I thought about it for some time then shook my head and asked for the check. As I came out of the restaurant, I heard a very disturbing noise across the road. I quickly turned around to investigate and was stunned to see a horrible sight right in front of my eyes. The biker that I saw earlier had a terrible accident, hitting a light pole, and was lying bleeding and unconscious on the ground with his bike on top. It was so dreadful to see the sight, and I became really concerned. I quickly turned my attention to the biker and asked if someone had called the ambulance. As I was acquiring about the medics, I saw a young man running towards the biker. He took no time to take out the biker from wreckage and asked all the people to clear some space and also asked if anyone had clean towel or cloth and water. Someone helped him with the things and he quickly soaked the cloth with water and wasted no time in cleaning the deep wounds on his face and head. He asked us to straighten his legs and at the same time pulled his head high and put it into his lap. The biker was not responding and was still unconscious. The young man quickly checked his pulse and felt for the worst. It must have been a hard hit to his head as it was all covered in blood. He asked one of us to hold his head while he started pushing and pumping his chest and pushed air through his mouth. It took him almost a minute when suddenly the biker took a deep gulp of air, opened his eyes and started taking wobbly breaths. The young man smiled at him and said very tenderly “welcome back sir, you are fine now. Don’t try to move. An ambulance is on the way”.
It was such an amazing sight to me and I quickly asked the person out of curiosity if he was a doctor. He only replied “No sir, I just took first aid courses in Liverpool and was heading back home when I saw the incident”. Meanwhile an ambulance reached the sight and carefully took the biker away.
It was truly astonishing to see how the young man saved a life with his knowledge and became an inspiration for others. He took off and left us all in an amazing state of relief that people like him are a great asset to humanity and truly deserve reverence.

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