This story is of a Mahatma. He was very wise. Many people used to come to them to get some education from them or get some education from them. But the Mahatma himself never considered himself to be more knowledgeable. He himself always used to learn something from others.

One day one of his friends asked him that people from all over the world come to you for knowledge, you are also a scientist, then why do you need to learn from someone?.Mahatmaji laughed at this and he said that a person can not learn anything in his entire life and there is always a lot left to save. There are many things that are worth learning, but they do not get to read in any book. There are many such things and experiences that have never been written in books. There is something special about every person and his experience, which can be learned from him, so everyone should continue to learn something from everyone.

Staying in reality and learning from people is not only a habit of you but takes you closer to perfection. This is the essence of life. Whoever shook the heart of Swami Vivekananda, perhaps someone else did it. Swami Vivekananda, a disciple of Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans, was a saint whose Rome and Rome were fascinated with patriotism. He considered the service of the poor and deprived people of the nation as the true worship of God. This young Sanyasi did not make personal salvation the goal of life, but it was the lifeline of millions of people who made their own lifelines. These 8 priceless words of Swamiji are presented to the readers, if you follow them, then these words will change your life.

1. All the powers of the universe are already ours. They are guarantees, who keep their hands on their eyes and then cry, how much darkness is there.

2. Rise up my lions, erase the illusion that you are weak, you are an immortal soul, be a free creature, be blessed, be eternal, you are neither element nor body, an element is your servant; Not a servant

3. Get up and wake up and do not wait until the goal is achieved.

4. The way streams originating from different sources merge their water into the sea, in the same way, every path chosen by humans goes to God, whether it be good or bad.

5. Do not condemn anyone. If you can increase your hand for help, then definitely increase. If you can not increase, then add your hands, bless your brothers and let them go on their way.

6. Never think that something is impossible for the soul. Thinking is the greatest religion. If there is a sin, then that is what it is; Saying, 'You are weak or other weak.

7. If money helps others to do good, then it has some value, otherwise, it is just a heap of evil and as soon as possible get rid of it, the better it is.

8. At the same time, at the same time, the work for which he vows should be done, otherwise, the belief of the people gets up.

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