Last weekend I was watching my 3 year old daughter Amelia draw a picture on our chalk board, with a little help from her brother!

Trying to decipher the finished drawing that had lines and circles, I asked ‘is that our garden sweetheart?’

With a shake of her head and in seriousness said… ‘no mummy, this is you, daddy and Angus; and this is daddy’s name.’

This got me thinking about being an online marketer.
What we see is not what everyone else sees.

There is a great lesson to be learned here. The lesson applies very well to Internet marketing. Actually it applies well to ANY kind of marketing, it doesn’t necessarily have to be on the internet.

We have a tendency to come up with an idea that we think is the greatest thing since sliced bread. We’re absolutely convinced that everybody will beat a path to our door to buy our product. We spend lots of money to develop a sales campaign, build a website, buy advertising and so on, and spend a lot of time and effort to draw people to our website, get good search engine positioning, and then more often than not we’re disappointed because very few people buy our products.

Could it be that the marketplace doesn’t care about our product?

Does that hurt your ego? It shouldn’t. It should open your eyes to this very simple, but wildly profound truth.

Big companies spend millions of dollars on market research, testing and surveys before they ever spend any money in developing a product or marketing a product. Doesn’t it make sense that before we ever spend a dime on any kind of product development, website development or whatever that we should spend some time first to find out what people are buying, when do they buy, and how do they buy?

That’s why when I entered this industry I looked around at all the products online, even some shiny objects, but ended up partnering with a company who had already put the money, time and effort into product creation, sales and delivery.
I didn’t look at what I wanted. I looked at what was going to help solve the problems of people I would market to.

How well do you know your Avatar? Your target audience? By doing proper research in advance, you’ll save yourself a lot of wasted time and effort, and you’ll be rewarded many times over by successful money making offers. If you actually had a band of products that suited that Avatar wouldn’t that make life easier?

As you consider what kind of offers you will be marketing, keep in mind the lesson learned from a 3 year old :)

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Hi! I'm Kate McCarthy. I am a certified coach and online marketing entrepreneur who supports mums and dads create abundance in their lives.
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