Here are Carpet Distribution Services we have stocked the simplest and best price carpet tiles that London has to offer for over fifty years. We are a highly popular and leading choice of carpet supplier for both commercial and domestic use. A lot of commercial businesses are choosing to use carpet tiles for their floors as they are highly practical and easy to replace. We have carpet tiles that can handle up to five years of hard ware, this is great as carpets in offices etc. are can get greatly worn when using regular carpeting rolls. There's no doubt that our amazing carpet tiles are something businesses can definitely benefit from.

Carpet tiles are simply what you they say they are square sections of carpeting that people often choose to use instead of rolled carpeting. Like carpet rolls, carpet tiles also come in a huge range of variety’s, styles and designs. In most cases carpet tiles work fabulously as they are available in many different thickness’s. They can help in making the process of fitting a carpet to a room extremely easy, non complicated and mess free.

One of the main advantages of this particular carpet solution is that if an event was to occur that resulted in staining or wearing only a section of the floor space you would be able to replace individual tiles instead of having to replace the carpet of the entire room/space. Another option you may have is to replace these damaged tiles with ones that are under furniture like a sofa or cabinet. This way you will save money and no one one will even be able to notice.

A lot of the people that choose to purchase carpet tiles buy a few extra ones to store away in case they become in need of an emergency replacement. This is often recommended as just like many other textile products, designs tend to change slightly over the years so when it comes down to it you may not be able to find the exact tiles that you are looking for. Don't worry if you for some reason you can't get extra ones though, here we are able to help find something that will match reasonably for you.

Carpet tiles are are manufactured in squares that are eighteen inch by eighteen inch and are offered to you on the market today with either adhesive or non adhesive backings. If you decide upon an option that has adhesive backs you will be able to install them by peeling the protective sheet off (found on the back of the carpet tiles) and simply placing the tiles in the position that you would like them. Don't worry if the carpet tiles you choose have a non adhesive back, these can be fitted just as easily using double sided carpet tape.

If you live in London and would like to sample any of out tiles we can get samples to you in a matter of hours. We take great pride in knowing that we can supply out carpet tiles to near enough any postal code in London. We are sure that our previous customers would recommend us to you as the tiles we supply are not only practical but they are also of a superb high quality and available to you at an affordable price. If you would like any further information or you have any questions that you would like us to answer please don't hesitate to get in touch today where all out members of staff will be extremely happy to help you and pass on their outstanding knowledge and expertise.

If you think that carpet tiles are something you could benefit from whether it be for commercial or domestic use do not hesitate to look at our online catalogue today where we supply a fabulous range of high quality tiles at great competitive prices.

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