Before giving an introduction to Smartlipo Triplex procedure let us explain why you’d need it.

What Kind of People Need Smartlipo Liposuction?

Are you tired of stubborn fat not leaving your body? You work your heart out at the gym and try to keep away from your favorite high calorie dishes, but whenever you look at yourself in the mirror the smile just doesn’t come on your face. Welcome to the club of dissatisfied image conscious individuals! The state-of-the-art liposuction treatment called Smartlipo Triplex could be the solution to your worries.

Smartlipo Body Contouring Is Safer and Closer to Your Expectations

Smartlipo Triplex is laser liposuction taken to the next level. While laser technology has replaced the riskier, more cumbersome and inefficient conventional plastic surgery methods, scientists have found ways to further improve upon laser liposuction. Cynosure has created a device that simultaneously delivers the laser energy in three wavelengths for more efficient burning of fat in a safer manner that is more comfortable to the patient and has much lesser risks of side effects. This is why liposuction surgery with Smartlipo Triplex is highly recommended.

The Technological Leaps of Smartlipo Triplex

Smartlipo liposuction of the Triplex kind is administered through Cynosure’s advanced Smartlipo Triplex laser lipolysis system, the first ever triple wavelength multiplex laser lipolysis workstation that delivers energy at wavelengths of 1440, 1064 and 1320 nm. This ensures more even fat tissue disruption in the targeted areas, be they large regions or more localized areas. Along with fat removal, the loose skin is also efficiently tightened. This plastic surgery can be applied to many parts of the body where fat deposits typically gather such as the outer and inner thighs, abdomen, hips, waist, arms, knees, ankles, chin, back and neck.

Comprehensive Advantages of Smartlipo Body Contouring

One of the great advantages of this advanced liposuction treatment is that it provides immense high-definition body contouring and sculpting opportunities which are much closer to the patient’s expectations, and which makes it ideal for individuals seeking the perfect figure. Approved by the FDA, some of the other advantages of this Smartlipo liposuction procedure are:

  • Greater convenience to the patient due to the administration of local anesthesia and lesser duration of the liposuction procedure
  • Lesser scarring thanks to much smaller incisions
  • Smoother results
  • Ability to target really small areas
  • Precise targeting of the fat cells without affecting the surrounding cells or the muscles and nerve tissue
  • Effective tissue coagulation that ensures better tightening of the skin
  • Much less pain
  • Faster recovery following the liposuction procedure due to much lesser bruising and smaller scars.

The duration of the Smartlipo Triplex liposuction surgery could vary from within an hour to two hours or more. It depends on the area being treated and the complexity involved. With this brief introduction to Smartlipo Triplex procedure, you can make up your mind whether to undergo this surgery. To find out more, consult an experienced plastic surgeon in a high-tech AAAASF-accredited facility.

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SmartLipo Triplex Manhattan - Hi def laser liposuction with Cynosure's SmartLipo Triplex effectively eliminates fat and tightens loose skin.