Nowadays, our day-to-day activities are carried out by emails and text messages. In businesses, emails are the most important source of communication. Either if it is sending a notice or a message to the employees, or a promotional ad to the customers. Even the face to face communications is replaced by emails. Not every person is available to talk to you all the time. Sometimes, the people you need are far away and the best thing you can do is to send them an email.

What is a Mail Server?

Before diving into the main topic, let’s just know what a mail server is. A mail server, also known as email server is defined as your very own computer device which plays a part in sending and receiving emails. The mail servers use email protocols. These protocols are the actual and manifest reason of sending and receiving the emails.

What is XMail?

Now, the main question! What is Xmail? Xmail is defined as the internet mail server, which means it is way different from your regular mail server that was just your computer system. XMail is way efficient and effective than the regular mail server. The servers it features are

•ESMTP server

•POP3 server

•Finger server

The purpose of the ESMTP server is to send a message and tackle all outgoing emails. Whereas, POP3 plays a part in receiving the emails and processing all the incoming emails with efficiency.

Xmail is quite lightweight which makes it very convenient and easily carried. It is considered ideal for every situation.

There are numerous benefits of Xmail.

•Fastest – It is a very fast and efficient. Sending and receiving your emails at a much faster rate can actually carry out all your daily activities in a well-organized way.

•Very secure – Xmail is much more secure than the other mail servers. It provides very smart security to all your incoming as well as outgoing emails.

•World’s SmartestEmail Server – Xmail is known as the World’s Smartest Server which deals with hundreds of your emails, without risking them. You get to have the most secure, fast and efficient experience with the smart Xmail.

•Smart Tags – The Xmail has a unique and very amazing feature of smart Tagging. This way all your subscribers can be segregated and you can send all your irreconcilable emails.

•Unlimited Emails – Xmail allows you to send unlimited emails at a time with the fastest speed. You can now send numerous emails to your countless contacts and subscribers in no time.

•Advance SubscriberManagement – This smart email server on the internet has made the management of subscribers way easy and convenient. You need not to worry when it comes to managing them. Xmail got that for you.

•Training and tutorials Videos – There are complete guides, training sessions and tutorial videos appended in for the complete conduction.

The Xmail is very efficacious and potent. It provides you with umpteen benefits. This modern and smart mail server has been tested and it proved itself to be the smartest and fastest email server across the world. It is very cost friendly, unlike other email servers which cost you way more. It has a one-time payment feature which means you only have to pay once, instead of making payments every month.

It has taken the users’ emailing experience to a completely new level. It is very friendly and convenient to use. Anybody can have an access to it. All you have to do is, register yourself in and they are ready to serve you with the best. Xmail is now the only leading email server in the industry. With a wide range of its features and bonuses that it provides to its customers, it has become the number one for everyone in the market.

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