Starting a new job is a difficult moment for most people, but it can be especially tough for introverts. Here's a look at how you can deal with the extra stresses that comes with settling into a new workplace.

1. Research the company and team in advance
Introverts do very well at preparation, according to Quiet author, Susan Cain. Use it to your advantage.
- TIP: Read the company's blog and website thoroughly to get an understanding of their product and niche.

2. Go to a nearby cafe 30 minutes before your start time
This will make sure you're punctual and have a chance for some me time before meeting new people.
- TIP: The night before your start, search Google Maps for a café five minutes away from your office.

3. Figure out your role and what is expected of you
You'll work better knowing the parameters of your role early on.
- TIP: In your induction meeting, ask:
● What are the key outcomes needed from the role?
● Are there any measurables?
● What does success in this role look like?

4. Arrange one-on-one meetings with your new colleagues
Group introductions can be energy-draining, particularly when youre working with new people.
- TIP: Think up some neutral topics in advance to break the ice. Some great topics to discuss are hobbies, entertainment, and food.

5. Find a place to take some time alone
Introverts need a moment to re-energize from time to time, so its good to figure out a place on day one.
- TIP: Ask a colleague where they go when they need a breather—its a good way to bond too.

6. Plan your introduction in advance
Preparing what to say can keep your mind from going blank when you're presenting to the team.
- TIP: Prepare:
● One thing to say about your previous job.
● One thing about your hobbies and interests.
● What you hope to achieve in your new role.

7. Ask for an agenda to look at beforehand
Introverts tend to prefer developing ideas one-on-one rather than in big team meetings, so having an agenda can give you time to really consider what you can bring.
- TIP: Put down all your ideas, thoughts and suggestions on paper and bring it to the meeting.

So before you start your new job, prepare in advance to give yourself a flying start.

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