Pets are like brothers and sisters for children as they are their world. The relationship between them is like that of a mother and her child. They play and live together, miss each other when apart for long period of time and enjoy mutual company. They cherish a life-long friendship which is much stronger than any friendship children form with the outside world. Having pets at home is absolutely beneficial; however, parents need to decide on what kind of pet should be ideal for their home, children and surroundings. Pets provide families with few health benefits: a daily walk with the pet will keep the pet fit as well as the owner will also get to exercise and remain fit.

Most popular pets within families are dogs and cats. People even tend to keep sparrows, parrots, hyenas, white rats and marine life such as fishes in aquarium and frogs as well. It all depends on their choice as which among them they feel will be best suited for their life style. They gradually become a treasure for the family with which they live; sooner or later they become a part of the family too. Pets teach them to become independent and responsible, from the moment both are in contact this process sparks off instilling good qualities among the children.

They even help them in building up attention at work because while have pet-related activities at hand, they tend to finish off the job with utmost care and sincerity. In a certain sense, they prepare children for real-life situations: many times when the family is caring more for the younger sibling, the elder one tends to get furious and irritated. At such times, the pet becomes the center of attraction for the elder one and all feelings of jealousy and bitterness flow away. Gradually, as time passes by children and pets develop an understanding for each other and know what action should be taken if any situation comes up in front of them. Pets teach them to respect other living beings and also provide a connection with nature. They fulfill children’s need of physical activities and emotional attachments too. Children learn about loyalty, affection, love and care from pets unknowingly.

Keeping a pet is a really nice thing; however, even they need their share of refreshment every day. Children need to give them a regular bath and comb their pets’ hair on a daily basis, so that there is no formation of knots and birth of ticks on their skin. Regular treatment with medical approved shampoos will keep their skin soft and hair fluffy which will indirectly make every family member happy. Apart from these precautions children and parents should make sure that they get their proper feedings time to time. There needs to be control over any kind of sweets which may be given to them since they can cause itching on their skin.

Lastly, the strongest bond between children and pets is always remembered by them till the fag end of their life. Death of a pet surely brings sadness in the family. In fact, it also prepares children to become mature and responsible citizens in order to shoulder the future responsibilities of their respective homes.

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