I take an oath to you. What exactly does an oath mean? It is a solemn promise to fulfill a pledge and it usually involves invoking a witness. There all types of people in all different professions that take an oath.

Some people don’t need to take an oath. They live every single day as if the decisions that they make, and everything they do IS in the best interest of others.

If you were to raise your hand to take an oath, what would your words be? What is it that you would be promising? Would it be any different that the things that you have been doing thus far?

Some might say they’d be a better parent, or spouse, or daughter, or son. Some might say that they will spend more time fulfilling their own needs. This is just something for you to ponder over. As you look at the next elected official I want you to think about the difference of a person who gets sworn into office and one that doesn’t.

Lost faith is going to be re-established only through a person meaning what they say and substantiating it with their promise sealed with a handshake that they are following a road not of self want, but for humanitarian gain.

I just think that it is rather interesting to see someone that would give the shirt off their back to someone and then you have other people that would steal the shirt off the back of someone and leave them like that and not bat an eye.

What a mixture of good and evil that thrive within our own reach. So an oath can only be measured by a person’s soul.

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