With the advent of e-learning facilities, it has become easy for students to master any subject including foreign languages. Learning Dutch online is a natural choice of study as second language for any learner because it is highly sought-after and spoken by approximately 22 million people worldwide, mainly in the European nations like Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname. Afrikaans, an offshoot of Dutch, is widely spoken in the African nations of South Africa and Namibia.

3 Benefits of learning Dutch language online

Whether you would like to get acquainted with the Dutch language for lucrative job related reasons or just because you’re keen on mastering the language, an online Dutch language Course in Kolkata is always useful. In our busy lives, everybody does not have the luxury to attend regular classes. Therefore opting for the online course is the best option. It is a flexible virtual learning program where students get access to comprehensive learning materials & resources online. To get started, you need a workstation with an internet connection. Exploring 3 benefits of online Dutch courses.

1.There are plenty of websites, books and CD-based learning material which you will get as references in an online course for mastering Dutch. Reputed foreign language institutes present multimedia learning content, audio and video guides and tips to improve skills & knowledge of learners. Besides offering a stimulating passive learning experience on grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation of Dutch language. You can track your progress in speaking and writing through mock tests, puzzles, quizzes, online synonym tests etc as a part of your learning.

The virtual courses available online present great learning resources and provide easy to understand learning materials. Learning becomes more stimulating with live streaming videos and lessons from native speakers of the Dutch language. Many academies on foreign language have collaborated with Skype to facilitate the learners to take part in voice chats with a mentor of his/her preference. The whole process starts with the learner holding real conversations with a native tutor of the language to help her/him grasp the diction and nuances of the language. The sites also provide URL to sites that offer Dutch learning books, software and various other resources related to it for sale.

2.There are many learners who are still fond of conventional learning mode which involves enrolling in a Dutch language course in Kolkata at a renowned language training institute & get face to face learning sessions from educators. But in the recent years there has been a change in the trend with students becoming more tech-savvy and opting for self-paced and specialized e-learning with 24*7 online chat support. This is one of the main factors that work in favor of e-learning.

3.The extensive e-learning materials are designed by experts and can sharpen the core skills of a candidate including speaking, reading, listening, and writing. They are good enough to start from the fundamentals and clear the doubts which is Good news for those who has minimum or no prior exposure to the language.

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Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope is a teacher of Dutch language at a leading college in Netherlands. He has a diploma degree which he enrolled in after completing his graduation. He speaks in English, French, and Spanish & Dutch languages.