The four main pillars of any business are - marketing, sales, finance and operations. It is like a table. Without one of its legs, the table will break down. Students usually gain an understanding about the functioning of a business on their first job, as these topics aren’t covered in their undergrad program. But what if there was a course that actually taught them the ins and outs of how businesses run? That would make things easier for students when they venture into their professional careers. Fortunately, you have course for it - Bachelors in Business administration, or BBA.

What is BBA?

BBA is a 3-year undergraduate course in business management, which covers all the subjects in major specializations. It also develops a students personality and sharpens their communication and leadership skills. Students also learn about decision making skills. This helps you set up perfectly for an MBA course.

To be eligible for BBA colleges in Bhubaneswar and elsewhere, students are required to pass their 12th standard exam. The cutoff criteria with respect to percentage vary from institute to institute.

After completing their degree, BBA students can expect to get placed in fields like advertising, hotel management, banking, consultancies, and government services to name a few.

Course content

1. First year

The first year consists of foundation subjects, which covers the basic knowledge of business management. The basic principles of microeconomics, macroeconomics, business analytics, and business economics. Students are also introduced to sociology and psychology, to help you understand the elements a society comprises of and how humans thrive in it with their intellect.

2. Second year

The second year consists of core subjects, which will help students decide their electives and specialization the next year. These subjects are designed to educate students about business fundamentals and the functioning of the corporate sector. Students will learn about the business organization, organizational behaviour, international business management, HR management, ethics, and leadership. Students will also learn the essentials of operations, marketing, and finance..

3. Third year

In the final year, students will need to decide on a specialization based on the domain they want to pursue a career in. There are various electives related to operations, finance, marketing, and sales. Based on the elective they choose students can expect to learn about Advanced Sales & Distribution Management, Marketing and Operations Research, Digital Marketing, Retail Management, E-Commerce, Financial & Commodity Derivatives, Financial Modelling and more.


This is the complete overview of the BBA course. If you want to pursue a career in business management, you should choose from one of the top MBA colleges in Bhubaneswar.

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