Businesses are aiming towards ways to achieve inclusive growth. This defines business scalability – all round growth that includes customers, employees and vendors. The aim is to foster positivity while driving growth for any business. The key lies in realizing that each business model is different and will need to charter its own path to scalability.
In the fluctuant world of business, there are some basic factors that drive scalability besides capital infusion of course. These are risk management, technology, customer focus, leadership, operations, people, finance & transactions. Having the vision of where you want to take your business in the future is all very good. The ability to scale up operations in a sustainable way depends on the drivers mentioned above.
A scalable model of business generates constant growth that is inclusive in nature. It generates positive vibes from all stakeholders in this upward graph. Needless to say this is the best scenario for any business. It helps the business handle setbacks and failures better which are an inevitable part of operations.
Some pertinent focal points in business scalability that need attention are:
• Path to growth. Constant interaction with peers is the best way ahead. Learning from other leaders who are in similar situations helps understand problems and ways to counter them. Being part of peer groups helps leaders find crucial support in difficult times. As businesses grow, so do problems of scale. Making mistakes and learning from them is the only way to keep moving ahead.
• Building a team. The founder of a business is often in the leadership role. He is the one responsible for pulling the enterprise along. Leadership roles come into play especially at tough times. This has to manifest not only as a standalone figure. In fact the onus of building a responsive team lies to a great extent with the leader. Strengthening and encouraging the team to innovate and experiment new ideas helps create able decision makers. It will also create an inclusive environment that will in turn push scalability.
• Work around key drivers. A well-defined game plan helps sustain scalability. Keeping the key drivers in mind, entrepreneurs need to focus on their strengths in order to push growth. Taking human and material assets together in this march forward will help the business. One needs to be aware when any of these aspects needs attention.
• Keep steady focus. You started off with an idea in mind. Along the journey it is possible that new options will open up or business ideas will diversify. It is quite okay to proceed with an open mind. However, it is important one does not lose sight of the idea or thought that gave birth to the enterprise in the first place. This will help keep one rooted to their beginnings and also act as a measure of how far they have come.
Each journey has its own trajectory to follow. Scalability in their pursuit requires commitment and patience. It is the inclusiveness of growth that sets new benchmarks in any business.
A scalable business drives growth through taking into account the interests of employees, customers and vendors. It is also better equipped to cope with setbacks and failures. In order to drive business scalability, it is essential to build a proper team, chart out a clear-cut path to growth, and work around key drivers without deviating from the original idea.

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