An Overview of Cyber Security and Information Assurance
Computer security, also known as information assurance, cybersecurity or computer assurance is the protection of networks and computer systems against external attack, intrusion of a malicious source or damage of their electronic data, software or hardware and from the intentional or unintentional disruption of their services. The ultimate goal for this type of cyber security is to defend the network from an attack so that it remains operational and continues to provide services for the organization. In the business environment, this may involve protecting networks from attacks made by outsiders wishing to sabotage the network or to gain access to sensitive information. This may also include protecting networks against attacks or vandalism by employees of the organization.

There are several categories under cyber security or information security, including internet, email system, desktop systems, network, computer software, information exchange, firewall, hardware, and application security. Each category has different techniques for preventing attacks or protecting against them. Different methods may be required for protecting different types of systems. One example is installing strong anti-virus software to stop the spread of viruses in an office network or to stop attackers from gaining unauthorized access to computers in the network. Designing the network to be more resistant to external attacks may require modifications in the software and hardware, as well as the configuration of devices used to connect to the network.

Some of the major types of cyber attacks are spear phishing, wireless penetration, and back door attacks. spear phishing involves sending emails with phony invitations to visit websites that are linked to the attacker's website. Wireless penetration occurs when wireless information transfers are conducted over a secured network without using the secure port for information exchange. Back door attacks occur when an attacker obtains a code through another method such as a USB key that allows him to access the inner workings of a computer system.

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