The Eastern Washington University is a public state university which has campuses in Cheney and Spokane. Most authorized admission test scores like TOEFL and other scoring systems like College Prep. Completion and Formal competency demo are a requirement for admissions to the Eastern Washington University.

In terms of 75 percentile scores during admissions at the university, the average cumulative ACT test admission score is 18 out of 23; while the average cumulative SAT scores out of 1070 are 830.

Student Services

Eastern Washington University’s campus is known to provide some excellent student based services like career counseling, career placement, on campus day care arrangements, PT Cost-defraying employment along with a well equipped library facility.

Students Enrollments

The student enrolment figure has swollen to go well past the 10,000 mark, while the student versus faculty ratio is average at 21:1. With an admission success rate of 80 percent, the enrollment in terms of patronage varies tremendously when classified according to the gender.

Social work, interdisciplinary studies, management courses, science and communication studies are popular choices for women, while business administration, management and science based courses were opted by men, particularity. Academics, athletics, ROTC and alumni affiliation are factors for non-need based financial aid for students. Need based financial aid cover aspects of athletics, alumni affiliation etc. The college supports online degree programs as well.


The college offers more than 100 fields of study which include 10 master's degrees, 55 graduate study programs and 7 graduate certificates. The campus offers an applied doctoral program in physical therapy. The campus also supports offbeat courses like Therapeutic recreation (Recreational Therapy), Speech & language pathology, parks based recreation & leisure facilities management, Piano and Organ musical courses, Military technologies, Kinesiology and exercise science etc.

The sports scene is buzzing with 11 varsity teams in sports based disciplines like baseball, basketball, football, racquetball, softball, volleyball etc. Eastern Washington University students form a part of NCAA and are often known by the name – Eagles. The college’s athletic logo also showcases an eagle ready for the kill.

Lastly, the college has received some forms of encouragement by getting accommodated in top lists like Top 50 ‘Best Value School’ and 201 Best Colleges for the Real World.

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