Apartments in Hebbal are offering exclusive luxury features and options to Bengalureans. Hebbal is blessed with large commercial complexes and IT parks. Big names from the IT sector including IBM, Philips Software, Integra Micro Software Services, Electronics Limited and AstraZeneca have stationed in this commercial hotspot which is about 10 Kms away from central Bengaluru. The strategic location along with the booming IT populace have, no doubt, placed it high in the regards of residential builders. The price per square feet stands between INR 8000 to 10000 psft which is an indication of the increase in demand for a property in Hebbal. The locality is highly rated and is no doubt sought after by those in high places.

To cater to the uber residential preference of its target audience, apartments in Hebbal are offering a host of luxury experiences and exclusivity to potential residents. Here's a quick overview of the luxury apartments in Hebbal:

Unique architecture combined with Strategic location:

Much of the luxury residential projects promise a view of the Hebbal and Nagawara lakes. Located comfortably in a hotbed for investment, with proximity to something as serene as a lake and to the place of work has given the builders the go signal to spare no thoughts in developing high budget penthouses and apartments with unique architectural thoughts in Hebbal. Some of the big names from the architecture industry such as P&T consultants, Singapore, Oru Bose, Pok Siew Fatt, RSP, Singapore, Andy Fisher Workshop have taken to the helm of creating fresh concepts for some of the luxury projects.

Some of the apartments are 40 stories tall offering a panoramic view of the city which could be breath-taking especially with the presence of a nearby lake. Apartments in Hebbal offer options such as 4 and 5 bedroom penthouses which are preferred by those seeking ultra-luxury.

Exclusivity the norm of the luxury apartments in Hebbal

Most of these luxury apartments in Hebbal offer exclusivity to make it worth to those who can afford to buy one. Some of the apartments in one such luxury apartment project in Hebbal are sold only on invitation. Penthouses in a luxury apartment have private elevators as part of the plan. Private pools, bars, home support staff, concierge services etc make it more like a stay at a luxury resort in many of such luxury apartment projects. If that's not exclusivity, the chance to get the unique view of the nearby lake from the window definitely is!

As might be the requirement of those who dwell in ultra-luxury, the amenities and landscaping of such apartments offer the chance to play the ultimate host to guests. A sky lounge of sorts that is a bridge connecting two individual towers at the top offers a great opportunity to treat guests over the weekend. Some of the apartments in Hebbal have them. It either features a swimming pool or a spot for entertaining guests to a spectacular dinner. Even if your guests were to arrive in a helicopter, the helipads atop your tower would accommodate them. An apartment project in Hebbal features helipads atop its towers.

So how much do they cost?

So exactly how much do they cost? It ranges from INR 3.10 Crores all the way up to INR 20 Crores depending upon the number of rooms, floor area and project. With the rate per square feet of apartments in Hebbal seeing an annual increment of 10% they are indeed a great investment opportunity. Especially considering the luxury preference of residents in the area.

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