Hair loss can be a distressing experience. While most people associate hair loss with aging, hair loss can occur at any age due to poor lifestyle choices and genetics. Traditional methods of hair loss treatments have had many disadvantages. They are complicated and time consuming and may cause scarring and pain.

Also, they don’t allow you the choice of a hair style and you risk being stuck with the same hair style for years unless you look for another round of treatment.

Other methods for treating hair loss such as traditional hair transplants can have longer recovery time, and so you would be expecting a lot of downtime with them.

For these reasons the neograft hair restoration Maryland is the type of hair restoration technique that you would want to try for the many benefits it offers.

Automated transplants

Neograft hair restoration Maryland is a process that automates follicular extraction. The traditional follicle extraction methods were not always perfect and used to be time consuming. Neograft hair restoration Maryland promises better results and you don’t have to worry about things such as missing work or school for a long time. Since this is a process that does not require manual handling for follicle extraction the process is precise and fast.

No pain

If the pain of surgery has kept you from trying out follicle extraction done the traditional way, then you would need to try the neograft method of follicle extraction. Here, the technology used is minimally invasive and the patients feel very little to no pain.

No downtime

If the prospect of missing work or school to undergo hair transplant worries you then this new technology will make things easier for you. The Neograft technology will not leave scars or wounds and recovery would be faster. For people worried about complicated plastic surgery the Neograft technology promises to be safe and pain free.

More options

The Neograft technology allows you to have a more natural looking mane. If you feel that hair restoration will not help your hair look natural enough, this technology can help you change your mind. The lack of visible scars and precision offered in follicle grafting enables the Neograft technology to give your scalp a more natural appearance. The technology is expected to benefit people of any age who are suffering from mild to moderate hair loss.

In addition to natural appearance, the technology also enables patients to choose the hair style of their choice. Traditional hair transplants have been limited in this aspect since you had to be careful about styling your hair properly.

You can ask your doctor about all the specifics of
neograft hair transplant Westminster or surrounding areas. Typically this procedure relies on the use of local anesthesia and does not require deep surgical interventions such as incisions or stitches.

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You can consult your doctor to learn more about how
neograft hair transplant Westminster can help you, the cost benefits, and if neograft hair restoration Maryland is indeed the right treatment for hair loss for you.